Fashion Culture and Tradition

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Nowadays, people are so much into fashion that they forget what fashion means. Fashion is clothes, make-up, accessories, piercing, tattoo, and many more. It is overall a package as to how you look. Every person wants to look beautiful, gorgeous, handsome. But if we look back at our tradition, we did the same. Modern society says it’s an old fashion. There is nothing old or new. It all depends upon one’s interest. Whatever we see it’s trending on the market, we make it a fashion. Even if any actors or influence style up with old fashion way that’s become the new fashion. Then why don’t we create our fashion and make other’s follow your trend by showing our culture in a new way, which we call to fashion culture?

India is a country with religions, tribes, cultures, and traditions. The most hidden and explorable state where visitors hardly visit in Northeast India. It consists of Eight States. Let us focus on a few of the unique traditional dresses fashionably:

1) Assam:

Muga, Paat, and Eri silk are the three most indigenous silk of Assam. Mekhela Sador is the traditional dress of Assam. The above picture is one of the variations of wearing.

2) Arunachal Pradesh:

The outfits are simple but bring out their elegance. Jewelry and tattoo play a very important role in their culture. Women tie their hair above their forehead in a knot. But here you can see the difference in how the fashion is carrying in a traditional way with changes which look very attractive.

3) Manipur:

The dresses of Manipur have known the define fashion. They carry ethnic fashion trends since forever. Inaphi, Phanek, Mayek Naibi, Lai Phi and Chin Phi, Dhoti- Pagri/Khamen Chapta, Potloi are a few names of their dress.

4) Mizoram:

One of the most beautiful dresses worn by Mizo women is Puran. The beauty of the dress with Puanchei costumes enriches their beauty.

5) Meghalaya:

Meghalaya is home to many tribes such as Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia, and each of these tribes has distinct traditional clothing.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Garo wears an eking, a small cloth worn around the waist.

Khasi tribe wears a Jainsen along with a blouse.

Jaintia tribe covers their heads with chequered cloth garments during the post-harvest season.

6) Nagaland:

The dresses that the people wear here are colorful and vibrant. Shawl plays an important role in their fashion. The beautiful shawls are amongst the most popular traditional dresses of the place.

7) Sikkim:

Sikkim shows the diversity and exemplifies the social and cultural lives as three communities reside together – the Lepchas, Bhutias, and the Nepalis. Lepcha women wear Dumvum or Dumyam. It is an ankle-length outfit, silky and smooth binding comfort and culture together.

8) Tripura:

Women cover themselves in a large piece of cloth called Rinai. It is draped all across the waist till the knees. and the short size of cloth known as Risa which is designed with gorgeous embroideries. Women also wear headdresses while working.


These are a few examples, how we can fashionably carry our tradition and culture. We should not fully acquire western culture. We need to keep our tradition and culture alive for the future generation who can take it forward. In this new modern fashion world, we give less importance to our language, culture, and tradition. The below are the top five most endangered cultures from around the world.

The Drokpas of Ladakh, India.
The Huaorani of Ecuador.
The Loba of Mustang, Nepal.
Kalash of Chitral, Pakistan.
Tsaatan of Northern Mongolia.

By Chenghun Phukon

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