Fashion; How to style Casual outfits 2022

Fashion trend; how to style casual outfits 2022
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Hello, trendy fashionistas, the year is coming to an end and I thought we could talk about the fashion trends for casual outfits that should storm our closets. In this article, we will answer the question of how to style casual outfits in 2022 and beyond.

Why Casual outfits?

If anyone is like me, then you must understand that comfort comes first in my books. I remember when I loved skinny jeans and tight-fitted tops. I would gush about how stylish I looked. But now, I am so grateful for whoever invented baggy jeans, palazzos, and joggers (lol). Casual outfits are simply comfortable clothes but also have their few exceptions.

Casual outfits 2022

I love my casual looks, and even to work, I opt for business casuals. Why? Well, because they are comfortable. One of my favorite celebs to gain casual outfit inspiration from is Selena Gomez and taylor Swift. These women are the bomb (for me, anyways)

How to style casual outfits?

Now there are different ways, various people define their casual. Some may like loose-fitting baggy outfits like me, and some might like the tight-fitting casual looks. All the same, they are casual and here are some ways on how to style our casual outfits, according to the 2022 fashion trends.

1. Baggy on Baggy

Casual outfits: Baggy on baggy Causal outfitsThis is what I like to call my baggy ride (lol). It consists of wearing baggy button-down shirts, or oversized t-shirts on baggy jeans. I know it might seem a bit over the top and way too big (lol) but that’s the point.

Giving you the skater vibes, this is one of the definitions of casual comfort.

You can even go for baggy hoodies on baggy jeans, for another cool comfortable look and pair it with face-caps and nice sneakers.



2. Maxi print dresses.

African print casual outfits Floral print casual outfits

Maxi dresses are like freedom in a dress. The eccentric female vibes it gives when you dress in a cute maxi print dress makes you feel comfortable and chic. For example, pair a cute floral print maxi dress with black heels to give you the business casual vibes. Or you can decide to go for an African print maxi dress and pair it with tigh-high boots.

I love dresses and I always sew my African prints into maxi gowns because it gives makes me stand out.

3. Throw on an oversized bomber jacket on skinny outfits…

Bomber jacket casual outfits Bomber jacket casual outfits Bomber jacket causal outfits bomber jacket casual outfitsNow this year has been a momentum of seasons and as we approach December, we know the cold is about to get colder (wink). In Nigeria, November, decemeber brings forth dryness and cold. So, we make an effort to cover our skin to avoid the dry plague (lol, made that up but you get it right?).

Choosing to wear skinny jeans on tight or loose-fitted tops may make you look good but when you throw on your oversized bomber jacket, it makes you look stylish. Especially in the cold weather, it is necessary to have a jacket that would keep you warm and chic.

4. Blazers over hoodies…

blazer over hoodies

Remember I told you guys I loved Korean styles… Yeah, this is one of the major reasons why I do. The ability to look like you stepped out of a fashion runway in casual outfits is by wearing blazers under your hoodies.

Blazers over hoodies

I love it. I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely amazing. Especially for the men, gosh you guys would look so good in them if you pair them with the right kinds of shoes. For example; choose an ash-colored hoodie set (trouser and hoodie top), throw on a brown blazer and pair it with black chelsea boots for the guys.


5. Bucket hats fashion must-have…

Bucket hats

You saw it right fashionistas… This is one of the must-haves when it comes to head gears because it goes on any outfit. I personally love to wear bucket hats on baggy outfits, mostly because it gives me comfy skater vibes. Bucket hats is also one of the most unisexual head gear ever made. From the 90s till date, they have never lost their touch and stylishness when it comes to what you pair them with.

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In conclusion,

These are my five top casual outfit styles according to the fashion trend in 2022. My favorite is the blazer over hoodie outfits and I’m sure I can also add a bucket hat to the mix for another section of coolness and comfort. What do you guys think?

This brings me to what I usually end my blogs with. New chapters of my books are out and just to be clear, I publish almost every day so my favorite readers don’t get bored.

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Later Fashionistas…

God bless you guys (love emoji)

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