Fashion Jewelery For The Working Women

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As a working woman, the limited option to wear fashion jewellery accessories to the office has always saddened me. You are forced to stick to boring earrings and simple necklaces, having the same old designs. I have always wanted to try something different, something modern and elegant, yet simple, But my search for accessories with modern designs yielded no results, due to the lack of Indian brands selling such minimalistic jewellery.

That’s when my best friend approached me, their designs are crafted for working women. They have a wide collection of fine jewellery for everyday wear. I like how they have focused on minute and delicate detailing, they have used different semi-precious stones and zirconia. You can buy their collection online, presently they are selling on various e-commerce sites.

 Office Jewellery: Things to Consider

Jewellery that you wear to the office cannot be ostentatious and garrulous. Rather, it is an ooze of elegance and simplicity. It is best to refrain from wearing chunky and loud earrings and bracelets regardless of the ambience at your workplace. Garish and heavy jewellery is a distraction and you should keep them hidden in your closet for a girls’ day out or wedding.

Everyday Office Jewellery

It is perfectly acceptable nowadays for contemporary professional women to wear delicate gold and silver jewellery. If you wear a chain-link bracelet with a similar chain around the neck, no one will bat an eyelid.

In-House Meetings and Presentations

It is always challenging to find the perfect jewellery for in-house meetings and presentations. You don’t want to sport garish jewellery to detract people from what you have to say. Hence, it is prudent to pick up simplistic designs to go with your semi-formal attire.


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