Fashion Trends Not Seen Again

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Fashion trends come and go with every season. Some hang around a long time and some fade out as fast as they came. And some fashion trends simply leave us wondering how and why anyone ever thought of them. Then there is the trend that is so popular and we just can not understand how anyone let alone the masses can like them. In This Article, you will get to know about the fashion trends that you never want to see again. 

Ponytail Fashion:

It defeats the entire purpose of a ponytail. When I pull my hair out of my face, the intention is to pull as much hair as I can out into a ponytail to keep it out of my face. Maybe this is my overachieving athletic self being a snot, but to me, purposely loose strands in a ponytail are pointless. Personally, they also just look stupid and usually turn out uneven and are often overdone.

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As an athlete, having strands in my face just annoys me. Some people then take it a further step and on top of pulling strands out in the front, they also wear a headband. You really just killed two birds with one stone. The purpose of a headband is also to keep hair out of your face, but man, that concept also got thrown out of the window. Before you come at me, I get that pulling strands out of your ponytail is supposed to be cute, and fashion isn’t always practical. There are also worse fashion trends out there, but the athlete in me sees the ponytail as a means of keeping my hair out of my face, period.

Fake Pockets:

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This particular day I was clothes shopping. I picked out a really awesome pair of jeans. And, most importantly… they were on sale. I tried them on. In the dressing room, of course. Not in the middle of the aisle. For some reason, the store manager wouldn’t let me do that last time. Crazy, right? Anyway, I loved them and they were really comfortable. Then I moved my hands down around the waist, expecting them to slip into two front pockets. Like these:

Why do they make fake pockets? What’s the point in them?

They go to all the trouble to still put a button there and the pocket flaps, but no pocket. It doesn’t make sense to me. Who designed this? Who thought it was a good idea to just go and get rid of pockets? You know, sometimes I don’t want to carry a bag around with my stuff. Surely we deserve some sort of pocket. They seem to be the trend at the moment. Like, they’re on most women’s pants and it’s freaking ridiculous. I swear, fake pockets are the bane of my existence. Butt exposing ripped jeans. Seems like you tried to sit, and your fat arse tore them. They are faulty. Period.

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In this article, you have learned about fashion which never 😉 wanted to repeat. There is some fashion trend that didn’t hit the market. Ok thank you for 📚 reading

By Rida Khan

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