Fashionable Women’s Wristwatches

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Hi all! Women’s wristwatches are no longer just watches. Nowadays, they serve more as an accessory and complement the image. Whereas quite recently it was difficult to navigate time without them. Fashionable women’s wristwatches have flooded the shelves. Every fashion house and fashion designer considers it their duty to include this accessory in the show.

A businesswoman cannot imagine herself without them. Any socialite tries to outdo her friends, shining with chic jewelry models from the most famous brands. But what about ordinary people? How to find your wristwatch among such a variety? We’ll talk about this further.

Types of women’s wristwatches

It’s no secret that the most expensive options are made by hand. But at the same time, they have no competitors. The clock mechanism is very complex. It should not fail, always showing the exact time. That is why brands that have proven themselves over many years and have never failed are so valued.

Any watch can be classified as one or another type, depending on how it is constructed. So they distinguish:

  • mechanical
  • quartz
  • electronic
  • Classic mechanical

This type was the first to be invented. The way the mechanism works is that small wheels are set in motion by hand when they are wound up. As soon as the plant runs out, the arrows stop. This is their inconvenience. But there are more modern types that start automatically. Mechanical women’s wristwatches can last for centuries.


In this case, an energy source in the form of a small battery is used. The clock runs until the battery runs out. But replacing it yourself is very difficult, and it is not necessary. This is the work of watchmakers.

Electronic accessories

The most modern wristwatches are electronic. There are diagrams inside them. Such devices are already used not only to know the time. They are multifunctional.

For example, smartwatches can count how many steps you have taken, what your heart rate is, and how many calories you have burned. These devices can be used to pay for purchases. You can use them to make calls and do much more. But such accessories, like mobile phones, require constant recharging. Without a charge of electricity, they will not be able to work.

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What watch should you have in your wardrobe?

The fashion for wristwatches will never go away. Indeed, in our time they have become a symbol of the status of their owner. But this applies more to men. For them, this is perhaps one of the few decorations that they can boast about. Whereas for women, watches are a way to express themselves. They are on par with jewelry. But every woman should have several types of such accessories:

  • everyday
  • party for a special occasion

The everyday option should fully match the image and show your character. Here it is important not to make a mistake and be able to combine it with wardrobe items and other accessories. For example, you shouldn’t wear fancy options trimmed with stones to work. Classic models are ideal here.

For athletes, it is better to choose a smart watch in a sporty style. These can be found for young people and teenagers. For sophisticated ladies, it is better to choose a model with a small dial and a thin strap made of leather.

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Evening accessories should sparkle and shimmer. They should be clearly visible in the dark. But don’t overdo it. Do not wear them with bracelets and rings. The emphasis on the hands should be one: either a watch or a bracelet. Models with straps made of precious metals with stone inserts will look good here.

Also, depending on the situation, age, and image, bright models with a large dial and iridescent strap are suitable. Complex watches with many details look good on young girls. For example, an option with leather straps and chains, with pendants.

The most fashionable women’s wristwatches brand

Fashion does not stand still, but it is cyclical. But the fashion for classics never goes away. Therefore, previously popular models are improved and adjusted to modern needs.

Women choose watches differently than men. Appearance is important to them. That’s why women’s models are so diverse. But there are a number of brands that have been at the forefront of fashion for a long time.


The Bvlgari brand holds the lead in both quality and price. This is one of the most revered and expensive watch brands. Such models are worn by crowned heads and members of the nobility.

The Chanel fashion house is famous not only for clothes but also for accessories. Including women’s wristwatches. It combines French elegance and charm.

The Chopard brand is also well-known among watch connoisseurs. This Swiss company is famous for its excellent quality and design. Moreover, the brand is family-owned.

When it comes to women’s jewelry, the Cartier brand cannot stand aside. The company produces jewelry watches decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. Each model is a work of art.

Rolex doesn’t just make watches for men. Women’s models are no less perfect and are not inferior in price and quality. These models are elegant, yet more formal.

These are just the top five brands of the most fashionable women’s watches. They have held the championship for many years and are not going to give up. Only very wealthy people can purchase original models. But such an accessory will always attract attention. Such watches are always of high quality, they are especially pleasant to wear, knowing that such a model is unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Most Popular Brands

Oddly enough, the most fashionable does not mean the most popular. Mainly due to budget restrictions, few people can afford to purchase models from famous couturiers. Therefore, products from the mass market series are more in demand. However, this does not mean that such models are of lower quality. On the contrary, they are more functional and convenient. The most popular brands of women’s watches from which you should choose.

The Guess brand lineup is represented by options ranging from 5 to 50 thousand $. These are very high-quality American accessories. There is a large selection of models here. There are discreet options for every day. There are models with stone trim. There are many creative models for young people.

Fossil is an elegant women’s wristwatch. At the same time, there are options that combine classic and modern smartwatch functionality.

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