Favorite Style and makeup this rainy season

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If you are like me you have different makeup for different types of weather. First of all you need to be confident in your own body whether you are Fat or Thin It doesn’t matter as long as you love yourself and don’t listen to what other people say. It’s your body you are the one who decides for yourself not other people.

Here’s some tips and style this rainy season!

Rain is never a hindrance for fashion this overcoat is perfect for long sleeve shirt and jeans top of a beautiful and plain umbrella and that cute and fashionable bags.

This rainy season our make ups will smudge and can easily to erase because of the rain especially when you are not wearing waterproof make up this will suits you .

This lip and cheek tint is perfect for rainy season, This is one of my favorite so far!

This eyeshadow is good for rainy days because it’s waterproof and it can make you glow and looking fresh.

For me shoes are women’s best friend they say that shoes can make memories nut this rainy season we cannot wear our favorite shoes because we are afraid that our shoes can never last. but here’s the perfect pair of shoes that is good for rainy days and also fashionable .


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