Four Pear-shaped Gemstone Engagement Rings Guaranteed To Make Her Shine Forever

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Have you finally decided to propose to the love of your life? Thank god! You’ve finally gathered the courage and confidence to do so. So, how will you pop the question to your lady love? Have you gone through the trendy engagement rings to choose one for your lady love? While I can’t prepare a speech for your proposal, I can give you some engagement ring options to choose from. These engagement ring options are some of the trendy ones. I will tell you about four pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings. The designated centerstones of these engagement rings are sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, and morganite.

You will love these gemstone engagement rings because their centerstones are appealing and enduring. You can choose any engagement ring that best manifests your love for her. Let’s learn about these four pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings now! We will begin with the sapphire engagement ring because sapphire is the sturdiest gemstone among the four in question.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire is a regal gemstone that’s been preferred by members of the British Royal Family. It’s been used in numerous royal jewelry pieces like pendants, rings, and brooches. However, none of those royal jewelry pieces ever touched the level of fame that Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring got. It’s the most famous royal jewelry piece. That’s the reason why the first gemstone engagement ring on our list is encrusted with sapphire. You should choose a sapphire engagement ring for your love because this jewel will best suit your queen. Apart from being associated with royalty, sapphires are also known for their exceptionally wide range of colors and dependable resistance to scratches.

Sapphire comes in every color that you can imagine except red. That’s because sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, and all gem-quality red corundums are known as rubies, another great variety of corundum. The vibrant color options and strong resistance to scratches make sapphire engagement rings highly coveted jewelry pieces among modern brides.

Emerald Engagement Rings

The intense green color and velvety appearance of emerald make it a greatly desired engagement ringstone. Emerald is known as a symbol of wealth and nature. This gemstone has been enjoying its status as the most popular engagement ringstone in the present times. The reason for this inclination is the soothing quality of emeralds. I mean, there are other color gemstones that are easy on the eye, but none is as pleasing and appeasing as emerald. The lush green color of emerald commands your attention like nothing else does. Perhaps that’s the reason why Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, had a passion for emeralds. Emeralds also enjoy great popularity among celebrities.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Halle Berry, the famous American actress, received an emerald engagement ring. Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie were spotted many times sporting their emerald jewelry pieces. Therefore, an emerald engagement ring will surely make your lady love happy. When shopping for an emerald engagement ring, choose an emerald that’s not too dark if you want to save some money. That’s because dark green emeralds sell for much more than slightly green emeralds.

Alexandrite Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a unique gemstone engagement ring then you can opt for an alexandrite engagement ring. Alexandrite is perhaps the most unique gemstone of them all. Everybody wants an Alexandrite engagement ring to celebrate their love story because Alexandrite changes its color depending on the lighting conditions. In sunlight or fluorescent light, the alexandrite gemstone exhibits a green or bluish-green color. On the other hand, in incandescent light, the color of the alexandrite gemstone changes to red with purple undertones. This property of the alexandrite gemstone to absorb the light and exhibit its color differently depending on the lighting conditions is why people love this gemstone.

Alexandrite Engagement Rings

If your lady love is into gemstone jewelry, you should definitely propose to her with an alexandrite engagement ring. It’s only because of this property that alexandrite is also known as the ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’ gemstone. Getting this gemstone makes you feel as if you’re getting two gemstones for the price of one. Therefore, investing in an Alexandrite engagement ring sounds just about perfect.

Morganite Engagement Ring

Last but not least is an engagement ring fashioned with the pink to orange-pink variety of the mineral beryl, morganite. Named after one of the greatest financiers in history, J.P. Morgan, morganite is one of the most popular jewelry stones in the industry today. However, morganite still remains an underrated gemstone. Did you know that morganites are rarer than diamonds? Yes, you heard that right. Morganite is rarer than diamond, but because of the relatively unknown status of this gemstone, it still remains an affordable option. People who are aware of the rarity of morganites know that it’s an excellent investment option.

Morganite engagement rings

However, the growing popularity of morganite hints that the price of this gemstone might increase exponentially in the coming time. Therefore, you should get a Morganite engagement ring as soon as possible. The pink and rose tints of morganite seem perfect for an engagement ring. Apart from the color of morganite, the hardness of this gemstone is another big reason why more and more people are now choosing it as their engagement ring’s centerstone.


An engagement ring is a tactile form of your love. It should represent your love story, all those precious moments that you two have spent together, and be personal. I’ve enlightened you about four pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings. Each of these rings has a perfect center stone in its own right, be it sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, or morganite.

If you’re eyeing a regal center stone for your engagement ring, you can choose sapphire. If you want a green center stone that best resembles the soothing quality of nature, an emerald will be your best pick. If uniqueness is what you’re looking for, you need to opt for alexandrite. Similarly, a morganite sounds perfect if you covet an engagement ring centerstone whose color symbolizes love and affection. So, out of all these gemstone engagement rings, which one will you pick?

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