From Chic to Street: Lily Collins Most Spectacular Outfits in “Emily in Paris” Season 4

Lily Collins in a corduroy mini skirt with checkered socks
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The Best Lily Collins Outfits in “Emily in Paris” Season 4: Fashion Inspiration from the City of Love.

Lily Collins is a style icon for her role as Emily Cooper in the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” She has become more sophisticated and stylish from season one to season four, which is now under production. In the television series “Emily in Paris,” Lily Collins plays Emily, who explores her new life in a foreign city (Paris) while also experimenting with her fashion sense, embracing the city of love with stylish and classy looks from chic to street.

Lily Collins’ presence on the TV show has resulted in some genuinely unforgettable and dashing outfits, ranging from glamorous red carpet appearances to more casual street styles that made her look like a Parisian. In this post, we’ll look at Lily Collins as Emily Cooper’s “Emily in Paris” season four outfits.

So keep scrolling and discovering her top fashion moments.

1. Lily Collins in a corduroy mini skirt with checkered socks.

Lily Collins in a corduroy mini skirt with checkered socks
Ashley Park and Lily Collins posed during filming of Season 4 of “Emily in Paris” in Paris, France. Photo via Instagram

While filming “Emily in Paris” season 4, Lily Collins, as Emily Cooper, was seen looking fashionable and enthralled in colorful ensembles, including a yellow casual corduroy mini skirt that looked chic teamed with a yellow loose jacket and a yellow blouse underneath.

Emily Cooper elevated her style for the “Emily in Paris” performance with yellow checkered socks and a yellow and silver tote. Meanwhile, Ashley Park looked stunning in a royal blue A-line button-down short dress with thigh-high boots.

2. Lily Collins in Leggings and sports sneakers.

Lily Collins in a Leggings and sports sneakers
Lily Collins and Camila Razat looked lovely as they filmed season 4 of “Emily in Paris” in Paris, France. Photo: Instagram

Lily Collins, also known as Emily Cooper, looked effortlessly stylish in a sporty yet chic look for the upcoming “Emily in Paris” season 4, wearing navy blue leggings with a two-toned sleeveless bomber jacket and Salomon Xt-4 Og topography sneakers. Also, Camille, played by Camila Razat, looked very Parisian in her black ruffled jacket and mini skirt combo with black thigh-high socks.

3. Checkered mini skirts and loafers.

Checkered mini skirts and loafers
Lily Collins in Paris, France, while filming the fourth season of the popular television drama “Emily in Paris.”

Lily Collins nailed the trendy look by wearing an orange checkered mini skirt with burgundy tights and loafers.


4. Cape coat and beret hat.

Cape coat and beret hat
Lily Collins plays Emily Cooper during Season 4 of “Emily in Paris,” filming in Paris, France. Photo via Instagram

In this ensemble, Lily Collins appeared more Parisian on the street, sporting a patterned beret hat, a vintage Yves Saint Laurent cape coat, and a Delvaux Brilliant small bag.

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