Genuine Leather Types You Should Know About

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Modern industry uses many different leather types, each with its own precise purpose. Consumers know little about the variety of leather; hardly anyone can name several types. Unscrupulous sellers take advantage of buyers’ ignorance by offering leather products of dubious quality for sale and passing them off as the best grades of leather. The conclusion is simple: buyers must become literate.

Skin type – smooth

This is the name given to leather from different animals, which differs in the processing method, thanks to which a particularly dense and smooth outer surface of the entire top layer is achieved. This type of leather treatment preserves its natural surface; Manufacturers often enhance the appearance of smooth leather with dust-like embossing.

Leather types – varnish

It has a shiny surface, which is achieved by varnishing with special types of varnish containing polyurethane resin. Such leather acquires the qualities of the leather raw material used, its processing technology, and the properties of the varnish used. Typically, in production, leather is tanned, then primed with special components and drawn out. After this, the skin is treated with a special varnish and it becomes that same “varnish” leather that many women like so much.

Leather types: Nappa

Semi-aniline leather after the tanning procedure obtains high ductility. When such leather is dyed efficiently and evenly, it is additionally given a decorative coating. Therefore, nappa in general is a soft material with a varied surface – shiny, matte, completely smooth, or figured perforated.

Leather types – Suede

Suede is obtained only from the skins of elk, deer, sheep, and goats. Its use is the decorative design of the uppers of luxury fashion shoes, clothing, and accessories. High-quality suede has a thick, low pile, soft and thin to the touch, and stretches easily. A special quality of suede is that it allows air to pass through well. Products made from natural suede are expensive, but they last a very long time.

Leather types – Nubuck

A special method of processing raw leather using abrasive sanding gives this type of leather a very refined appearance. At the same time, nubuck is soft, velvety, and has an almost imperceptible pile. Wear resistance and breathability allow you to sew both shoes and leather jackets for women and men from nubuck.

Leather types – Chevro

The most expensive leather, produced from the skins of kids up to 6 months of age, has a particularly beautiful surface. This leather is thick, elastic, and waterproof.

Skin type: Chevrette

It is made from the skin of young sheep of a fine-fleece breed; it is somewhat similar in appearance to chevroise, but chevret is more malleable and softer. Used mainly for the production of women’s shoes. The structure of chevrette is loose, so during production, the leather undergoes additional processing to increase its strength.

Skin type – Stretch

Until recently, this type of leather was considered just another trade myth. However, the UK company “Real Leather Garments” has developed a modern technology for producing natural stretch leather, combining the finest natural leather with cotton lycra.

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