Glitters – Dazzling Eye Makeup Ideas

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Glitters give an extra edge and sparkle to your eyes. It adds drama and glamour to your makeup, taking it to another level. You can experiment with your look using glitter liner techniques or create a statement look giving all the attention to your eyes while toning the rest of your makeup down.

glitter bling

Glitter Makeup Looks Ideas

Depending upon personal preferences, some people like bold makeup while others stick to the mattes. Here are a few makeups look ideas if you love experimenting and trying bold looks or likes to keep things minimal to try that will highlight the beauty of your eyes.

And as they say, ‘’When in doubt, just add some glitters.’’



Apply a thin liner on your eyes along your lash line. You can also wing it out for creating drama. You can use the color of your choice. Apply in the same way as you would do with your black liner.

Another way to apply is precisely on the top of your black liner. Then add it to your lower lash line as well. It looks so appealing and enhances the features of the eyes, giving them all the attention.

glitter liner

glitter liner

With Natural Eyeshadows

If you are more into the natural and subtle makeup look but want to add some sparkle to the eyes, this style is for you. Try adding some golden-bronze shade to your nude shade shadows and see the magic. 

glitter natural

glitter natural

Metallic Gold & Silver

Adding metallic gold or silver shadows to the eyelids is the most beautiful red carpet look and will make all the statements you need to make. The gold or silver shadows will look good on every skin tone.

This is a tutorial about a beaded necklace which is very delicate with beautiful colorful column shaped.Let's have a try!

golden glitter

silver glitter

Bold Colors

Blues, purples, or vibrant greens will turn the heads. Play with the colors while showing off all the sparkle you want. Try mixing and matching bold shades and experimenting with the look will look edgy and creative.

bold glitter

bold glitter


Neon is everywhere these days. Why not try them with your shimmers? Apply your bright neon shade liner on a sparkly eyelid that will look fun and exciting.

neon glitters

Chunky Glitters

Add just in the center of the lid to create halo eyes look or experiment by applying it all over your eyes. You can give it a contrasting look by adding other hues with your shimmers. Adding chunky glitters gives a playful and dramatic feel to your overall makeup.

chunky glitters

chunky glitter


It is the look most common among makeup artists these days. They love to create a look using glittery gemstones to their makeup. Apply gemstones over the lid on your smoky makeup or just along your lash line. It is going to steal the show.

gemstone glitters

gemstone glitters

The Best Glitters

We need to add some extra bling to our lives, and for that, we have glitters. They come in various colors, shades, types, and finishes. Here I list down some of the best ones available out there. 

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Glitter Liners

Hand down, the best glitter liners in the market have to be from Urban Decays. They are available in 29 different shades. It consists of superfine glitters with a buildable formula and dries very quickly.

urban decay heavy metal glitter

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

Have you ever watched a makeup tutorial video where the makeup artist hasn’t used this glitter? These pigmented shadows are available in 10 colors. You have to be quick in blending them as they are fast drying.


stilla glitters

e.l.f. Liquid Glitter Shadow

Available in 12 shades, these shadows are gel-based and consist of a quick-drying formula. They are very comfortable to wear, alone or as an eyeshadow topper.

elf glitter

ColorPop Super Shock Shadows

Supershock shadows might look subtle in their pot, but they are nothing like that in real. As the name says it all, they add glamour and pop of color to your lids. These highly pigmented and buttery formula shadows are available in various shades.

colorpop glitters

NYX Metallic Glitters & Pigments

Metallic glitters and pigments from NYX consist of glitter chunks and are better applied with a glitter primer. They are long-lasting and beautiful shimmers. They don’t feel heavy on the eyes and are available in various shades.

nyx glitters

You don’t use glitters for your everyday makeup, but it’s always good to be creative at times for some extra special events in your life. Swipe a little or more on the lids and turn yourself into a show stopper!

-Images from Google and Pinterest (credits to the makeup artists).

-By Siddie F.Kay 

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