Go Sleeveless With The Help of These Upper Arm Exercises

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In today’s day and age men and women are extremely conscious of their body structure and their outer appearance. You find them going out of their way to either join a gym or be a part of weight loss and training programs to help them stay fit and toned. Most of them aim at particular areas of the body and one of the common areas is the arms. From biceps to muscles and triceps to shoulders, there are many exercises that help in getting them toned and looking their best. It is not an easy task but there are some easy upper arm exercises that are listed below.

Upper Arm Exercises

Push-ups while standing

The upper arms can be toned by many different exercises but the easiest would be pushups while standing. The individual can start by leaning on a desk, chair, or cabinet with the body slanting at 45 degrees. The body should be pulled back and all your body weight should be put on the feet. The chest should then be brought down with the help of bending the arms and pushing yourself back up to an upright position. This is a great way to tone the arms.

Stretching of the triceps

This is another great way of building up the arms and the muscles in the arms. In this exercise, one must place their right hand on the back of the left shoulder ensuring that the elbow points in the upward direction. In doing this the elbow should be pulled toward the head with the other hand. This posture must be held for around 20-25 seconds. This can be repeated with the other side and the other hand and can be repeated around 10 times daily. One can increase the number of times as per the days exercised.

Stretching the hands upwards

This is another way to work on your upper arms. This exercise includes a posture in which one must place both their hands above their head with the palms together. The back of your body must be straight and upright while doing this. After holding your hands up, slowly move your arms backward still holding the palms together, and stretch back till you feel a slight pull in the muscles in your arms. Holding this posture for 15-20 seconds would be enough to help tone the upper arms.

Skipping on a daily basis

A great way to work out the upper part of the arms is by skipping. Skipping is a great exercise that helps in toning and shaping the muscles in the arms. In this, one must try to create big circular motions with the help of the rope. While you begin to gain that rhythm one must try to extend their arms out with the same circular motion for as much time as you can keep up. This exercise should ideally be done for 60 seconds.

Floor pull-ups

Pull-ups are another way of working the fat off the arms. With the help of a pole or a rod placed on two objects a few meters above the floor, one must get under them and try to pull them up keeping their feet flat on the floor with their body off the ground. It is not a very comfortable exercise but it helps boost the muscles in the upper arms. One can try to do 5 as a beginning and then gradually increase the amount as per the daily workout routine.

These are a few of the many various different kinds of exercises that are specially designed to get that jiggle off the upper arms. Upper arm exercises are designed to help get the best look and most toned arms that would make anything you wear look great. So get down to toning those arms quickly and gain that extra confidence.

By Candy Q

Photo credit Pexels

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