Hot Haircut Trends

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A bad breakup or promotion at work are all great times to get a fresh haircut, but also the start of the new year.  The stress of 12 months is finally behind us. It’s time to move forward and start your 2021 with an entirely different look. Let us look at some hot haircut trends.

The Mullet

as a versatile haircut that looks the business at the front and side parts, and playful in the back. Usually worn by men, but actively conquered by women.
Curly Bangs

’70s-style bangs are a small tweak that can make any existing haircut feel fresh for the new year. Embrace the ’70s trend with bangs and shorter face framing pieces that really enhance the shape of their natural curls.


Low-Maintenance Cut

For straight hair, Brice says to stick with a blunt cut to make hair appear thicker, along with a few soft angled layers around the face.


Shaggy Layers

the kind of layers that are carved out from the inside of your cut, and face framing layers are perfect.
The Bob

This hair cut works well with most hair types. So whether it’s shoulder length, chin length, or somewhere in between, blunt, choppy, textured or maybe even a little elevated, you have the opportunity to customize the perfect bob for you.

Extensions are a great way to get past that awkward stage of a short haircut instantly.Also, make sure the hair they have for you is similar to your natural hair texture – whether it is curly or straight, you want it to dry naturally and seamlessly as much as possible
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