Halloween Costumes for Adults: Trending Looks 2024

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For Halloween costumes, you can try on an unusual image. To create an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism, choose an interesting costume. Elle and GQ offer stylish images for women and men.


Barbie is an iconic image that girls have imitated for decades. Barbie received a new boost in popularity when the film of the same name starring Margot Robbie was released.

The Girl offers to choose one of the ready-made stylish doll images for Halloween. Here are the most striking options:

1. Sporty. New York Magazine suggests using the image of Barbie skating. For this, you will need a bright swimsuit, multi-colored cycling shorts, a cap, and large accessories. The image will be completed with colored skates with elbow and knee pads.

2. Classic: To create the stereotypical Barbie look, Instyle magazine recommends wearing a pink puffy dress with fun floral accessories and high heels.

3. In Western style. Elle recommends choosing a fantastic cowboy-style costume: choose a pink top and flared trousers to match. Complete the look with a colored neck scarf, a light hat with a high-rounded crown, concave at the top, and wide, upturned brims.

To look harmonious, make a stylish retro hairstyle – a high ponytail or a sleek hairstyle with a bouffant on the crown. Complete the look with makeup in pink tones with lush eyelashes and bright lips.

Britney Spears

If you want to create an extravagant Halloween costume, take a look at the recent video of the iconic singer Britney Spears dancing with knives. To recreate it, follow these steps:

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1. Wear a bright crop top with wide sleeves.

2. Choose a pair of low-waisted white shorts (Britney is wearing panties in the video, but this is not an option for going out).

3. Add accessories – a black choker and 2 fake knives (they can be made from cardboard).

4. Do your makeup and hair – a slightly messy smoky eye and tousled hair with a casual bun.

Is this style too crazy? The Girl recommends recreating the famous outfit from the video for “Oops! … I Did It Again,” which was worn by model Hailey Bieber. It includes a black tennis skirt, a white shirt tied at the waist, and a gray knit cardigan. High socks, loafers, and a hairstyle with two high braids decorated with pink fur elastic bands will make the look girlishly cute.


Another unusual character from the film, which was talked about a lot and for a long time, is M3GAN. Many girls repeated her dance. The image of an android doll with artificial intelligence is quite easy to recreate. Instyle recommends wearing:

  • beige babydoll short dress with buttons
  • a striped sweater or long-sleeved shirt
  • white opaque tights or stockings
  • fashionable Mary Jane shoes

Complete the look with a bright striped bow. Tie it around your neck. Makeup with an emphasis on the eyes: lush eyelashes, smudged mascara under the eyes, high eyebrows. Add a light wig with light curls, and the look will be impeccable.

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Looking for a recognizable Halloween look for men? The number one choice is Barbie’s partner, the hipster and handsome Ken. Try on one of his most striking looks from the new film:

Glamorous. Cosmopolitan magazine suggests dressing in skinny leather pants and a huge snow-white faux fur coat. Accessories are everything in this look: leather biker gloves, a bandana tied on the head, and an accent belt.

Bright and sporty. Try to recreate the image of Ken on a walk with Barbie on skates. Choose bright shorts, a pink T-shirt and a vest. Complete the outfit with a colorful cap and knee pads.

Classic: New York Magazine suggests wearing 1980s-inspired short shorts, a bright tank top, a sweatband, and sneakers.

Daring. If you want to emulate Ken’s rocker Halloween costumes, your outfit should consist of a black leather vest with fringe, a headband with a zipper, a medallion in the form of a horse’s head, and a pair of skinny black jeans.

Men’s GQ explains that Barbie has become the most hyped movie of the year. It’s no surprise that Ryan Gosling’s Ken is one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2024.

Glamorous Zombie

Zombie images are not losing popularity. This Halloween season, it is better to reproduce not a scary living dead with a frightening face and tattered clothes, but a more stylish interpretation – a glamorous zombie groom. Here is what you will need for the costume:

  • a stylish tuxedo or two-piece black suit;
  • broad-brim;
  • classic shoes;
  • red roses (take one in your hand, attach the second to your jacket or hat).

Once you’ve got your clothes on, complete the look with makeup. To do this,

you’ll need to whiten your face and draw a weird zombie-style mask.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is a cult character from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He was brilliantly played by Johnny Depp. The third remake of the film will soon be released. This time, the role of the confectionery expert went to Timothée Chalamet.

To dress up as a wizard, inventor, and chocolate maker, follow these tips from GQ magazine:

  1. Wear a burgundy coat and matching or pinstriped trousers.
  2. Complete the look with a green vest and a patterned ascot, and add some crazy glasses.
  3. Wear a top hat in brown or another dark color.

Complete the Halloween costumes with wigs with perfectly straight and sleek bob like Johnny Depp’s character, or curl your hair like Timothée Chalamet. Keep plenty of chocolate on hand and use sharp gestures to make the look recognizable.

Halloween is a fun holiday when you can allow yourself a little madness and mysticism. Create a movie character costume or a cult horror image yourself, inspired by our selection.


Image by lookstudio on Freepik

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