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In this present time amidst pandemic, many influencers and celebrities locally and internationally have had to showcase their glams to the world Online. The top list here in the Philippines is the fashion influencer/ fashion tycoon HEART EVANGELISTA.

Heart Evangelista

Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco, known professionally as Heart Evangelista is a Filipina Actress, TV Host, singer, visual media artist, philanthropist, socialite, and currently the first lady of one of the biggest provinces and tourist destinations here in the Philippines, SORSOGON.

heart evangelista fashion 2

Heart Evangelista Fashion

This 37-year-old actress is simply known as the Queen of all fashion because she sure has a sense of fashion. Her outfit says that age doesn’t really matter in fact her OOTD defines her personality as a fashion lover.

heart evangelista fashion 3

She nailed it, she has the collections of designers’ clothes and accessories (many were given to her by the manufacturer in exchange for promoting their products). Her assets estimators say, that Miss Evangelista spend most of her wealth on millions worth of jewelry, shoes, and clothing that she wore to many events that she is invited to attend.

heart evangelista fashion 4

It says that her jewelry in this photo is worth 600,000 pesos, (12,000 USD) jewelry alone, her clothes and shoes has also different prices. This 37-year-old actress/artist is a certified fashionista because she’s been one of the annual guests of the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. Take a look at this OOTD that she wore during the show.

heart evangelista fashion 5

A modern Princess-inspired dress, it perfectly fits her skinny waists and porcelain skin.

heart evangelista fashion 6

A classy yet elegant woman that you can’t be. Because she herself has her own unique style that no one can imitate the way she blooms

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Heart Evangelista Artist

Miss Evangelista is a fashion lover and she is also a talented woman because she loves abstract painting. She paints very well, in fact, she conducted an exhibit because she wanted to help her fellow men. She never forget returning the gratitude that she has now to people who were in need and to people who were very affected by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

heart evangelista fashion 8

 She is very generous and very kind-hearted all she wanted is the welfare of the people who face a crisis in this hard time.

Many people were delighted and inspired by the works of Miss Evangelista, many extended their help because they understand the current situation of others.

I just wanted to express the idea that even though there are people who belong to high society, they never forget to extend help to people who deserve to help. It’s just that this fashionista has her own ways of helping, by using her FASHION influence to become her biggest weapon in this fight.

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” in

Photo Credit Pinterest

By Jessa Doncillo

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