High Slit Thrills! 7 Times Alicia Vikander wowed the Red Carpet

Alicia Vikander hot high slit dress
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Alicia Vikander is a truly talented woman from Sweden in fashion and design. She has a mighty sense of style and displays her fashion with a fearless face. Alicia has created a legacy in red carpets from her designs. Her sense of fashion has inspired many and created a great legacy in it. Here are her legacies when she transformed the red carpet with her sensible designs.

Alacia Vakander white gown

1. Oscars 2016-Louis Vuitton Gown

She made great history at the 2016 Oscars when she displayed herself in a Louis Vuitton gown. The gown is always designed with a vibrant white color that displays her beauty and gives out a lot of admiration.

2. Golden Globes 2018-Black Lace Dress

In the 2018 Golden Globe, Alicia surprised her followers with the mighty black lace dress that inspired many. It is a casual wear that seems luxurious and is really impressive always. This is an outfit that will definitely give you the most beauty you can ever imagine.

Alicia Vikander sexy high slit dress

3. Venice Film Festival 2015-Floral Print Gown

At the Venice Film Festival in 2015, Alicia Vakander, made a great legacy when she embraced herself with an ever-attractive floral print gown that caught the attention of almost all of her followers.

Alicia Vakander floral print dress

4. Met Gala 2019-Cutout dress

The cutout dress was a great choice made by Alicia Vaknder which made much of the audiences of the Met Gala 2019 seem surprised due to the choice of this amazing dress. When we talk of sense in fashion can clearly be regarding Alicia Vakander.

Alicia Vikander hot high slit dress

5. Cannes Film Festival 2016-Sequin Gown

In any show or event that you will ever attend, if you would like to take the dominance in the event just consider taking the wear choice of Alicia of the Sequingown. Alicia Vakander proved this in the 1016 Cannes Film Festival where she really dominated with the sequin gown matched with high heels and red lips.

Alicia Vikander in hot dress

6. BAFTA Award 2016-Velvet Dress

Alicia Vakander chose to wear the luxurious velvet dress that amazingly fitted her figure and clearly gave out her natural beauty. This dress was designed with vibrant colors that attracted many of her followers and left a lot of inspiration in the fashion world.

Alicuia Vakander velvet dress

7. Toronto International Film Festival 2017-Red Gown

A red gown is an amazing outfit that every lady will have the desire to wear. Alicia Vakander came out at the Toronto International Festival 2017 and left a brighter legacy in the fashion world.

Alicia Vikander high slit


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