A Hijab Covers Our Heads Not Our Brains

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(The success story of women who wear hijab and have proved their worth globally.)

The head cover or Hijab of Muslim women has been controversial for several years now. Even in most liberal societies, they have to face a frown on the forehead when they leave for workplaces, educational institutions, or even a holiday spree. For some, it is nothing but a conservative approach of Islam to keep the women away from the possibilities of development and success. For some, it is nothing but an outdated way of dressing up. In contrast to all these thinking and approaches, several Muslim women still live in non-Muslim countries, wearing Hijabs and progressing by leaps and bounds.

Here we will introduce you to the women of strength, courage, hard work, and commitment who have proved to the world that, We cover the heads and not the brains”.

Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi

PC: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/gcc/uae/429652-fnc-elections-preliminary-results-of-candidates-elected-in-uaes-seven-emirates

The first female council member elected to UAE’s Federal National Council, Her Excellency Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, an Emirati politician and businesswoman, became the Minister of Culture and Youth in July 2020. Hijab-clad role model for many stands out as one of the 100 most powerful Arab women by Arabian Business, Forbes Middle East’s 30 most prominent women in government, and one of the 25 most powerful women in worldwide television by The Hollywood Reporter.

Ilhan Omar Hijab

Ilhan Omar Hijab

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Ilhan Omar is the first hijab-wearing Somali-American elected as a US legislator. Since her victory, Omar has been a radical inspiration for Muslim women worldwide, redefining race and gender politics. Omar has spoken out about the bullying she endured as a child and changed the prohibition on head coverings in the House. Hijab-clad Somali-American politician promotes individual policies to champion women and refugee rights.


Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ibtihaj Muhammad hijab

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M. Ibtihaj American saber fencer, is the first hijab-wearing Muslim American to win an Olympic medal. Muhammad has had a promising fencing career, ending in her Rio Olympics bronze medal in Women’s Individual Saber. The Olympic gold medallist is an example for girls worldwide because she voluntarily wears a hijab to show a head covering need not stand in the way of personal success and empowerment.

Tahera Rahman

Tahera Rahman hijab

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Born to Pakistani and Indian parents, Tahera Rahman became the first US Muslim TV reporter to wear a hijab in 2018. In a Time magazine interview, the producer-turned-reporter discussed the hurdles she experienced wearing a hijab on air. Rahman’s tale is a success. She has garnered worldwide support since 2018 and continues to inspire Muslim women and girls to achieve their aspirations and overcome any opposition in their way.


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Malaysian-Muslim singer Yuna became the first Malaysian artist to make Billboard’s Top 10 R&B albums. A lawyer by training, the musician sang because of her enthusiasm. Yuna said she wanted to compose music and not be a ‘pop star,’ so she openly wears her headscarf and identifies as a Muslim girl who loves music.

Huda Fahmy

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An American-Muslim novelist and cartoonist, Huda Fahmy uses literature to provide her distinct perspective on hijab-wearing Muslim women. Fahmy puts her enthusiastic readers in her footsteps by hilariously capturing the questions addressed to hijab-wearing ladies every day. Her books employ humor to create awareness and remove stereotypes about hijabs and Muslim women through cheeky, quick-witted, and honest anecdotes.


A hijab is a dress code by Islam, just like those prevailing in other religions and societies. Just because of a few, the entire Islamic culture cannot be disrespected. These women in Hijab, along with several other talented women like these, are proof that covering heads can never cover their talents and spirits.

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By Nudrat Fatima

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