How Fashion Helps People In Grief

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As a woman who experiences a lot of bad things. I always say life is a journey that led us to a rough road. In life, there are always ups and downs but I would not have had it any other way. Our experience in life teaches us to be better people. Sad, but it’s true. There was beauty in sadness, anger, pain, loneliness, as well as grief. But how does fashion helps us to fight back in life?

How Fashion Helps People In Grief

For many of us, grief is a sorrow that leads others to depression, anxiety, deep pain, or a mental and emotional breakdown after losing someone. For them, it feels like they are tied to a knot and they don’t know how to escape it. They were imprisoned to that pain. It feels like they are on a roller coaster ride of emotions that even if they want to scream, there were no words to express the deep pain a person felt. Darkness takes over a person’s body and grief is the only definition you can define a person’s pain.

This is what grief brings to us. When we lose someone, we forgot ourselves, we forgot the beauty of life and what tomorrow could bring us. We forgot that loneliness and sorrow is not the only solution to living life. But not all of us are being caged to the pain that grief brought. Some, well most of us fought every pain and bad experience we dealt with. Especially women. Whenever we feel sad, lonely, and stressed out about the things we are going through. One of our escapes is Fashion.


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How does fashion help us to fight back in life? 

We have a lot of ways to deal with our problems in life. But I think fashion is always on the lists of fighting grief, loneliness, sorrow, anger, and a lot of emotions you could possibly think of right now. For most of us, fashion is the key to happiness, especially for people who love styling. It is a happy pill for a person who once to be a lonely person. I couldn’t agree more with the fact that fashion brings color to many of us. It helps us to be creative and imaginative in many ways like styling and designing our own clothes.

Learning to mix and match our outfits of the day. Choosing the perfect bags and shoes to match your classy look. Doing and styling your hair and make-up to match your outfit. That is fashion. And fashion brings happiness in life. With this, we learned to be confident, and we learned to fight grief. We were empowered by the fact that we need to fight for life because we believe that there is something big that is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.

We might have different experiences. Our pains are different but I believe fighting and choosing to stand is what we need most. Always choose life and you can start it by dressing up in the best outfit you have in your closet. Choose your favorite style and go walk in the park or go to your favorite place to unwind. Always choose happiness over grief because somewhere out there there is someone who needs you most. Losing someone is hard, but losing yourself is the most painful part and you cannot take it back once it’s gone.

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