How Laura Dern Styled at 7 Different Red Carpet Events!

Laura Dern looking stunning in a red carpet dress
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Laura Dern is recognized as an incredible fashion icon and has made the fashion boundaries go higher.  Apart from being well-renowned in the entertainment industry, she has also shown the audience her major styles that have made her a fashion icon. In this blog, I will take you through the major outfits of Lauren Dern that have made her make a bold statement at the red carpet event.


1. The Golden Glamour

Laura Dern shows up with a golden glamour dress that shows her level of elegance and she also stunns with a pink dress that features an intricating black leading hence making her to be termed as a fashion icon. In addition, it also highlights the elegance of the dress where it beauty in the dress hence commanding all the attention towards it.

Laura Dern red carpet dress beautiful

2. The Radiant in Red

Laura Dern turns heads with her radiant red dress that flutes the people as she shows the sleek incredible design hence showing her great courage and her boldness in allowing minimal jewelry at the center of the stage. Her choice of the powerful statement dress proves her fearless approach to fashion.

3. The Timeless Elegance

Laura Dern shows up with a timeless elegant black dress that shows her intricating lace dress that shows her sophistication that exudes her grace and refinement. The dress was also paired with classic diamond earrings that show the epitome of red-carpet sophistication.

Laura Dern looking stunning in a red carpet dress

4. The Modern Chic

Dern shows up with a modern chic look that shows her modernity as she also proves that she is very unique from the rest of the models and she inspires many to be modern. The dress is also vibrant where she shows her natural makeup as she completes the look with a strong standout that reinstates the red carpet moment.


5. The Shimmering Silver

Dern shows up with a shimmering silver dress that makes her very unique whereas she shows up with a dress that consists of also an intricating pattern that adds a unique texture to the look. The dress adds a touch of drama which shows her great sophistication to the event.

laura-dern goldish look

6. The Bold in Black and White

Dern shows up with a black and white dress that shows her uniqueness in selecting her looks it also features a striking geometric where she blends with modernity showing her great elegance. In addition to that, the hairstyle that accompanied the look showed her intricating pattern as she commanded all the attention towards her side.

7. The Regal in Green

Laura Dern shows up with a regal green color where she shows up her great elegance that pursued the design it added a sense of grace and majesty. It is also paired with a statement earring that shows her confidence and smile to the perfect blend of elegance and boldness.

Laura Dern sexy blue dress
Laura Dern’s hot and cute blue dress




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