How To Avoid Summer Fashion Blunders

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Even though we may wear the fewest garments and accessories in the summer, we nevertheless make a lot of fashion blunders in this season.

Perhaps the heat has such a negative effect on us that we lose all sense of style, or maybe the season’s slowness hits us and makes us a little too lethargic. That being said, there are several summertime fashion “no-nos” in terms of style.

Let’s examine a few summertime fashion blunders:

Fashion Blunders: Socks and Sandals? Nah!


Fashion Blunders: Socks and Sandals? Nah!

It’s not really sensible to wear socks with men’s sandals in the heat, but if you must wear shoes, then you have no alternative. Some even brave the sweltering summer heat by donning woolen socks! If you believe that wearing sandals by themselves can cause your feet to get dirty, then opt for a pair of thin, light-colored, ankle-length cotton socks. Keep in mind that wearing socks of low quality can cause your feet to smell.

Fashion Blunders: Strong Fragrances


Fashion Blunders: Strong Fragrances

During the summer, keep it light. Use the deodorant or perfume/cologne you purchased last winter. Someone might get knocked unconscious by the overpowering combination of your body odor and that potent perfume. This summer, switch to mild, pleasant scents.

Fashion Blunders: Weird Sunglasses

While wearing sunglasses is essential in the summer, you are not allowed to wear wraparound sunglasses a la Bret “The Hitman” Hart. All seasons are best suited for an aviator. It can take time to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. So, take your time when you shop for them. Additionally, please refrain from wearing your sunglasses inside of buildings!

An Undershirt is an Undershirt

A tank top, also known as an undershirt, is essentially a sleeveless shirt that is larger than an ordinary Indian vest and is intended to be worn undershirts only. Naturally, you can wear them when engaging in physical activity like weightlifting, cycling, etc., but otherwise, conceal them under your shirt or t-shirt. Although the heat is unbearable, you may stay cool by wearing lightweight, thin V-neck t-shirts or classic Polo shirts.

Don’t Ditch Full-sleeves and Trousers Completely

Even when it gets hot during the day, you still need to wear your trusty long-sleeved shirt and trousers in the summer. Summer nights are frequently cool, and at night it could even get a little chilly. You really don’t have an option if you work in a business setting, do you? Opt for airy tops and bottoms composed of materials such as cotton, linen, or even high-quality polyester. You can also experiment a little bit with a semi-formal style.

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