How to Become a Successful Fashion Designer

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If you’re like me, you are a fashion lover and want to be a fashion designer. You are always inspired by the latest fashions that are rushing through your head.  You just can’t find the time to write them all down in the time they are released. You are always thinking about the day that your outfits will appear on the runway; so the lights will be shining brightly overhead and cameras flashing all over the place and the crowd being amazed by your stunning designs. It’s impossible to stop thinking about the day that you’ll browse through a magazine or catch the Oscars and spot a renowned person wearing one of your stunning designs. The shelves of your books are filled with fashion magazines and books by fashion designers and you cannot resist going to the stores of textiles to look at the latest fashions in fabrics, gems, rhinestones, trims, and beads.

It’s the ever-present dream of becoming a fashion designer who will see you working all day and night to create your creations in the majority of cases for years with no pay and working to pay for your bills. It can be grueling torture and the only thing you can think about is working and living in the fashion industry.

Famous fashion designers hail from all walks of existence there is no single method to follow that can make you become the next renowned fashion designer. Some have attended elite fashion colleges, and others did not attend fashion schools. Many have taken on an internship in fashion with an established fashion house, while others have created their own designs from their basement. The only thing fashion designers have in common is that they shared an unquenchable love for fashion, the ability to create designs that are popular, and so had a relationship with people who provided them with the chance to break into the world of fashion. It is crucial to be a successful fashion designer to make sure you get your brand and designs to the public as often as you can, because how do people know about your style if they are unable to look them up?

When it comes to putting your clothes on there are a few options

1. We’re not all great in everything, but some of us excel in creating clothes but do not have the sewing or pattern-making abilities. Here you’ll be able to work with someone who has a passion for fashion but is skilled in the areas you are lacking. By a combination of various capabilities that you can produce an actual product that could be showcased.

2. By having an entire fashion line with 14 outfits you could apply to the neighborhood fashion weeks. Within the USA: New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all have fashion weeks. Fashion weeks are a magnet for editors as well as local journalists who will look at your clothes and could bring you the attention you require to be noticed.

3. Many nightclubs in the city host fashion shows. Find out the nightclubs that host fashion shows and get in touch with them to find out what you can do to be part of a new fashion show.

4. Find boutiques for fashion that cater to the styles that you have in mind, first take an excursion to the shops to take a look, if you notice your clothes being a good fit for the shop, ask who the proprietor is and inquire if they would be interested in having some of your designs available to the public in their stores.


You’ll be surprised at how many owners of stores are willing to collaborate with you. I strolled through San Francisco in the Nob Hill district and was able to have my clothes displayed after I had a discussion about my merchandise in four shops. When you have your clothes displayed, you’ll get valuable information on whether your designs are popular and if you have to modify your designs to boost sales.

Additionally, it will give you an opportunity to showcase your work for free to the public. If your designs do sell, you can show them in front of investors willing to make a bet on your brand If you demonstrate the existence of a significant demand for your clothes.

If you are struggling to create your fashions due to the lack of capital, connections or all the skills required, you can visit: [] where it’s free to create a profile stating what you need and who you are hoping to connect with in achieving your fashion dream. You can also search and connect with other people who similar to you have created profiles offering possibilities to be a huge achievement in the fashion industry.

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