How To Buy A Tanzanite Engagement Ring For The Best Price

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Engagement and tanzanite are two words that portray the whole story as soon as you hear them. The first word is the special day you’ve been waiting for a long time, while the second one represents a gemstone waiting to be picked by you for the special occasion. Before we proceed further to know how to get a tanzanite ring for the best price, let us find out why you should go for a tanzanite ring for your engagement. Let us start solving this mystery layer by layer.

Why You Should Get A Tanzanite Ring For Your Engagement?

You will find the answer to this on the surface only. Rarity and beauty are the qualities that make tanzanite a perfect gemstone for an engagement ring. Every gemstone lover knows the name of tanzanite very well. It is a very rare gemstone and still undervalued. You will be surprised to know that tanzanite can only be found in an area of just a few square kilometers in the whole world.

Tanzanite is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite and it gets its blue color from the presence of a small quantity of vanadium. It belongs to the epidote mineral group. Another reason why you should choose a tanzanite ring for your loved one is that its violetish blue color goes perfectly well with all the metal types and with all the outfits in her wardrobe. Overall we can say that choosing a tanzanite ring for your engagement will amaze everyone who knows about its rarity and value while everyone else will be amazed by its beauty.

Tips To Buy A Tanzanite Engagement Ring For The Best Price

So far, you might have understood that a Tanzanite engagement ring is the perfect jewel for your engagement. This takes you to the next layer where you need to solve the mystery of getting your engagement ring at the best price. Hold your breath; another layer of this mystery is going to unravel in front of you.

Here are some tricky ways to get your dream tanzanite engagement ring at the best price.

Buy A Loose Gem First

tanzanite ring

It is a good idea to go step by step. The first step is to settle for a gemstone cut you need for your engagement ring. Next, start exploring where you can get a loose gemstone of good quality at the best price. Of course, you won’t travel half of the world to Tanzania to buy just one gemstone! So it’s better to find a credible source that does. Here, my friend, you can totally rely on GemsNY which has a team of backpacker gemologists who procure the gem directly from its source.

Play With The Metals

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Another Tip to get your tanzanite engagement ring for the best price is to play with its metal. When you start exploring metals, you will find that some of them are overpriced because of huge demand and less supply. You should try to find alternates of such metals. Gold comes in a variety of purity quotients and platinum can make way for white gold if you may want. You can virtually try all the combinations of metals with tanzanite before making a final purchase.

Wisely Choose A Gemstone Cut

All the gemstone cuts are not so expensive. A simple round cut, oval cut, or pear cut is less expensive than a princess cut, trillion cut, or emerald cut. The more you explore the more you will save because you may find a bigger gemstone at a relatively low price in a gemstone cut that is not so popular, thereby substantially bringing down the price of your tanzanite engagement ring.

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Look For The Best Price Online

These days technology has become the best way of doing things smartly. You can purchase almost everything online and an engagement ring is one of them. Apart from this, you can choose from several stunning designs that will not only amaze your significant other but will save you a lot of money. You can easily compare tanzanite engagement ring prices on several websites and choose the one which is best for you. One of the reasons you get the best price online is the heavy competition because almost all the sellers in the world are selling online these days.

Ask Someone Who Owns A Tanzanite Jewel

Another best way to get ideas about the fair price of tanzanite is to discuss it with someone who already owns it. Do not hesitate to ask every time you see a violetish-blue gemstone in someone’s ring or ornament. To get a tanzanite engagement ring for the best price you need to become a little extrovert because to prise out the real price of a tanzanite engagement ring from a stranger is an arduous task.

4Cs Has A Lot To Do

If you are eyeing a rare bird like tanzanite, you should know about the gemstone’s 4Cs. The 4Cs include cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. We have already discussed the gemstone cut, so let’s talk about the gemstone’s carat weight, which makes up the lion’s share of the cost of your tanzanite engagement ring. To be within the budget, you should avoid choosing a gemstone of higher carat weight. Also, a bigger center stone implies more metal, which can increase the cost altogether.

Next in the 4Cs is the color; as violetish blue is the most expensive variety of tanzanite, it will cost you another bundle of dollars. So, it’s best to settle with a less lavish color. When it comes to clarity, you can accept any gemstone that is eye clean and meets your budget.

Do Not Get Into A Trap

It is the most important thing you should keep in mind when choosing a tanzanite engagement ring. As you know tanzanite is a rare gemstone that is found in a very small area in the whole world, many people try to lure prospective buyers by offering unrealistic prices, narrating some cock & bull story about how they get these magnificent gemstones for very low price and what not.

You might fall into their trap thinking that you’ve come across a great investment opportunity. But beware of such entrapments as the stone might be a fake. Take your time and examine the quality of the gemstone minutely. Make a final deal only after being sure about the authenticity of the stone.

We hope that by now you have got an understanding of how to get the tanzanite engagement ring of your dreams at the best price. Remember these tips and you will surely be able to save money on your engagement ring. Delight your love with the blue sparkle of the rare gem and do not miss her expressions as soon as you open the jewel box for her.

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