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Everything you will need during the game is carried in the bag. Not only do you need to choose the right one for a pleasant experience, but you also need to think about how to store everything efficiently so that you don’t waste time looking for your equipment in various compartments and pockets. Let’s see how to choose the best golf bag!

Choosing a golf bag is not difficult at all, and any experienced golfer who has already spent dozens of hours on the course can do it without assistance. However, if you are new to golf or just about to break into the green sport, I definitely recommend you read the following lines. We choose a leather golf bag based on the following parameters: type, club divider, straps, weight, and waterproofing.


When considering the size of your bag, it’s important to think about how long you expect to be on the course what kind of weather you want to play in, or what equipment you’ll be carrying/carrying with you in your bag.

Training bags –⁠ Training bags are those that often have only one pocket and a simple shoulder strap. They are more like a package for 1 to 3 clubs and are used almost exclusively for training. If you know you plan to practice your game with only some clubs, this ultralight bag is all you need. Apart from clubs, a few balls, and personal belongings, you can’t fit much else in there. However, its consistency is an advantage. Such a bag will not hinder you either in the trunk of the car or when traveling by public transport.

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Shoulder bags –⁠ Shoulder bags come in several sizes. From small ones, where you can only fit basic golf equipment in addition to clubs, to large ones, where you can easily store not only all golf equipment but also two sets of spare clothes (this includes space for clothes for caddies) or perhaps snacks. There is a whole range of sizes between these two categories. If you plan to play a nine-hole course and there is minimal chance of bad weather in the forecast, one of the smaller models will do. Even small bags can fit sticks, balls, jackets/sweatshirts, cue sticks, markers, rules, gloves, and personal items (phone, wallet, keys, etc.).

If you plan to play on an eighteen-hole course, where the time spent on the course can approach up to five hours, a small bag will no longer be sufficient and you will need a slightly stronger caliber. In addition to the already mentioned, you can afford more variability in clothing, but also add snacks and drinks. Some of these bags have a special isothermal pocket that will keep your drinks and food cool even on warm days. I also recommend these larger bags if you play a short course, but in a transitional period, typically spring or fall, when the weather can change very quickly.

Cart Bags –⁠ Golf cart bags are recognizable at first glance due to their size. Since the weight of the entire equipment does not have to be carried on the golfer’s back, there is no need to limit yourself. The advantage of these bags is mainly a wide tube for sticks, a large number of different pockets, an isothermal pocket, and a large pocket for clothes, which are practically a matter of course. The disadvantage of these bags is the need for space in the trunk of the car, as even a seemingly large trunk may not be sufficient for transporting equipment.


When choosing, it is also a good idea to look at how the poles will be stored in the bag. A simple rule applies here: the smaller/lighter/storable the bag, the smaller/less comfortable the pole divider is. If we leave aside training bags, where usually there is no stick divider, we will most often find 4-way, 6-way, or 14-way dividers.


The four-way divider allows you to divide the sticks in the tube into four compartments, usually only at the top (below, the sticks converge into one tube). The advantage is that the bag maintains a low weight and compact dimensions. At the same time, it has a sufficient distribution of sticks, which you have a good overview of. Especially if you own half a hundred, i.e. only 6 to 7 clubs, this divider may be sufficient. The disadvantage is the contact of the sticks, especially at the bottom of the bag, where the rubber grips rub against each other. So it happens that if you decide to take a club out of the bag, due to the lack of space and the friction of the grips, another 3 clubs will come out, which is not very pleasant. At the same time, the friction of the grips causes their abrasion.

Six-way or eight-way dividers are mainly used for larger shoulder bags. Compared to four-way dividers, they provide more options for club organization, which is especially appreciated by owners of full sets. Some bags may have pole pockets divided only at the top; others have divisions along the entire length of the tube. This prevents contact between the grips and the handles have more space at the bottom of the bag.

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According to the rules of golf, each player can have a maximum of 14 clubs with him in his bag. Fourteen-way dividers therefore provide each stick with its own compartment. Thanks to this, the poles in the bag do not touch at all, as these dividers are divided along the entire length of the tube, and at the same time allow for maximum organization and clarity. The disadvantage is the high weight, large diameter of the bag, and also the higher price. It is clear from this description that they are mainly found in trolley bags. They are rarely found in shoulder bags.


As already mentioned above, training bags often only have a basic strap, as they have minimal weight with the equipment and at the same time, you do not carry the equipment over long distances. Trolley bags are not equipped at all with a classic shoulder strap. They often only have a transport belt or strap, as you fix the bag on the trolley immediately after removing it from the car.

But if you’re considering a shoulder bag, choosing the right strap can be crucial to your gaming comfort. Nowadays, modern golf bags offer the option of being carried over one shoulder or as a backpack, so that the weight is distributed over both shoulders. It is similar to choosing a suitable hiking backpack. If you are shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, add weights to the bag, try adjusting the straps, and then imagine yourself walking around the field with the bag on your back for 2 or 4 hours. Yes, of course, there will be a burden on the shoulders, but the straps should ensure a good distribution of weight and should not cut into the shoulders. If you are buying a leather golf bag online, you have no choice but to choose the straps blindly. However, I recommend performing the above-mentioned bag test at home, and in case of discomfort return the bag and choose another one. Remember that the bag is your only companion on the court and it must help you in your performance, not be a burden.


Another parameter that is good to evaluate before buying is the weight. We will leave out training bags and trolley bags again, as weight is not so important here. For shoulder bags, the higher the weight, the more comfort (mostly), i.e. more space, better handling, and more pockets. I recommend choosing a bag primarily based on your needs, as described above, and dealing with the weight rather marginally. After all, if you choose a shoulder bag that fits your needs but is too heavy for you, it’s not a problem to fit it on a golf cart, even if it’s not primarily designed for that.


Finally, a few words about waterproofing. Most bags are available in waterproof or water-repellent versions, but waterproof versions are also available. Water-repellent bags can handle morning dew or a light drizzle, but if there is a cloudburst, which can be seen even in the summer months, they will not cope. This is where you should consider buying a waterproof bag. Electronics (mobile phones) and clothing are the most sensitive to getting wet. The waterproof bag will also keep your stick grips dry, so your grip will be better. On the other hand, waterproof variants are sometimes considerably more expensive and heavier than waterproof ones. The main reason is the different material.

When choosing, consider those parameters that are essential for you. Some will prefer a waterproof but lighter bag, while others will want a larger bag with many compartments. I wish you a lucky hand in your selection, lots of unforgettable golfing experiences, and happy golfing stories. Nice game!

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