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Everyone is not blessed with thick hairs in their eyebrows. Some don’t even have hairs on their brows. Good thing we have technologies that can help us boost our self-confidence. Don’t get me wrong. What I mean about boosting self-confidence is that women who are already struggling with eyebrows growing up will eventually feel confident after putting on fake or drawn eyebrows. So here we will tell you how to draw perfect eyebrows. We already have self-confidence but we need more than that.

I am one of those girls that have less confidence when it comes to eyebrows because of my thin hair. Growing up I am not confident. I saw my classmate have thick eyebrows and was confident enough to do face-to-face with my classmates or with my friends. Me in myself I can’t even do that. So, in my part, I tried many products for my eyebrows. I also tried drawing them perfectly but ended up disappointed. But I never give up.  I had to watch Youtube tutorials so I can master my eyebrows. LOL!  But it’s worth it. It may not be perfect to others but for me it is perfect.

I’ll be sharing with you how to do my eyebrows step by step. I may not be using my face for referrals on this but these are the best and has similarities to mine. But the product that I’ll show you is the product that I’m using personally. I’ll be showing it to you day to day use only. It is easy and fast.

Things to prepare:

1. Eyebrow Pencil, Eyebrow Gel, or Brow Powder

2. Spully

3. Concealer (optional)


4. Foundation / Pressed powder

STEP 1:  Identify your hair and skin color. It will help you not to look dramatic on daily basis. For morena like me, I am using auburn (dark brown) in Kimuse eyebrow gel.

STEP 2: Draw an outline of your desired brow shape.

STEP 3: Fill in your brows with the use of your gel and pencil or brow powder. Use spully to spread evenly.

STEP 4: Use concealer to correct mistakes from overfilling. And blend properly with your skin.

STEP 5: Blend properly with Pressed Powder using brush to conceal harsh lines.


And there you go perfect brows for a perfect day to start. Also, you can add more creativeness to your brows. It really depends on you. This tutorial is only for eyebrows with thin hair. Enjoy!

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