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There are various shapes of bodies, and knowing them all is helpful in dressing for your figure. Here are some common examples of how to dress for your body shape. Busty women have killer curves, and the key to dressing for their figure is to choose styles that show off those curves. Look for styles that emphasize your waist, hips, and bum. They will also help you define your bust line. Then, pick up pieces that are more fitted for your bust.

Inverted triangle

When trying to look great, keep in mind that an inverted triangle body shape is harder to dress for than a regular one. You’ll want to avoid anything with wide, padded shoulders. The same applies to tulip, sailor, and boat necks. A classic button-down shirt is the best choice for this body shape, as it will soften your shoulder line. Also, keep away from anything with too much volume at the seam, as these will draw attention to your shoulders.

To balance your body shape, choose styles that emphasize your legs and narrow waist. The broader shoulder area may look unflattering, but you don’t have to camouflage it with a boxy top. Rather, try a curved or structured bag. Also, wear geometric jewelry, such as a yellow bracelet, to add interest to your hip area. In the end, the key to looking good is balance.


Women with a rectangular body shape should choose shirts that add volume at the shoulders and bust line. A nipped waist or flared bottom will help to create the illusion of an hourglass shape. Dark colors like navy blue, brown, and burgundy can add a slimming effect. And avoid baggy pants or skirts because they will make the body look unbalanced. If you’re unsure of what to wear, look to celebrities with this body type for some stylish ideas.

The Rectangle body shape is a great candidate for color blocking. A good color-blocking top or bottom can draw attention down the leg. If your leg length is shorter than the torso, knee-high trousers or sock boots will look flattering. Those with slim ankles can also wear knee-high boots or tucked-in trousers. To make your lower body appear fuller, tuck your pants in. Use a belt to accentuate your waist and draw attention upwards.


When choosing to clothe, consider your body type, and try to balance your upper and lower half. For example, you may be an apple-shaped woman, which means you have narrow shoulders and a wider hip area. Wearing outfits that emphasize your shoulders can make your upper body appear more proportionate and hourglass-shaped while minimizing your bottom half will make you look longer and slimmer. To balance out your shape, wear clothes with a cinching waist and a belt that sits just below your belly button.

A pear-shaped body has a smaller waist and a wider chest. It is often described as a pear-shaped body. Despite its name, this shape can look both slim and bulky depending on how it is accentuated. To dress appropriately for your pear-shaped figure, wear tops that emphasize your shoulders. Avoid tights and pants with narrow legs. You should also avoid flared or skinny pants that make your lower body appear like an upside-down triangle.

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The first step to dressing your body type is to understand the difference between an apple-shaped and an oblong-shaped figure. Oval-shaped bodies tend to be rounder than apple-shaped ones, so you’ll want to focus on the smaller areas. If your waist isn’t defined, the bottom of your dress will be a bit smaller than your top. If you’re an apple-shaped woman, the waistline may be wider than your hips, so if you’re not sure which part of your body is rounder, try wearing a rounded top. In addition, a wide collar will help draw attention away from the middle.

For an apple-shaped woman, contrasting shades are the best way to flatter your oval figure. Vibrant colors and patterns will draw attention to the center of your body. Vertical stripes or a vertical placket will draw attention up and down from the waistline and hips, while horizontal stripes add visual width to the lower hips. This type of body shape looks best in a dress with a long, flowing skirt or a deep V-neckline.

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