How to feel comfortable with Pleaser shoes

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Have you seen the fantastic Demonia shoes or that new pair of Funtasma shoes? However, you simply cannot force yourself to pull the trigger on these boots because you worry that they may be uncomfortable. Here are some steps you can take to make your new pleaser shoes easier to wear.


Pay attention to the shape of your foot.

These open-toe shoes can be amazing, but if you have square feet, you will regret your purchase every time you wear them. Find shoes that will work with your foot shape. Square feet tend to do better with round-toe shoes, while long and thin feet work better with shorter heels, as they tend to slip on higher heels.

Shoe size matters

If the last pair of shoes does not quite fit your size, you better skip it. Size matters when it comes to heels, and to feel comfortable you need to wear the right size for your feet. The purchase of the wrong size is another situation when you regret your purchase.

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