How to look stylish everyday?

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities look stylish even if they are wearing very casual outfits? Yesterday, while browsing on Pinterest I saw a picture of Gigi Hadid where she was wearing a normal tee but she rocked the look. So what’s the secret? How do we look stylish without spending much on our clothes? Well, don’t worry I have got your back. With my personal observation and research, I have prepared some tips for you to look your best and look good, you just need to follow them.

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#How to look stylish every day? Tip no 1: Wear light shades

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Yes, you need to wear light shades, I know it is against the popular belief that people will suggest you go for neon or bright colors, yes you can look good in them too but here we are talking about our day-to-day lives. You must have noticed Kate Middleton always wears light colors like beige, pale pink, lavender, etc not because she is a royal but because these colors have got some natural class and charisma in them. They make you look classy and magnetic instantly and effortlessly. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear dark shades but you must be careful while choosing them. Go for emerald green, Fuschia, Or if you can’t decide anything then for black, white, or grey to just play safe.

#How to look stylish every day? Tip no 2: Choose really cool color combinations.

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Colour combinations are everything but the problem with many women is that they often go for black and white or red and yellow. They are the evergreen ones and will work every time but that does not mean overdoing them. You can pick some cool combinations like tan and maroon, orange and sky blue, royal blue and white, light pink and maroon, and many more. There are endless combinations that you can easily find on the internet and experiment with because the more you experiment the more you will know about your style and what really suits you.

#How to look stylish every day? Tip no 3: Don’t Overaccessorise.

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I have seen people who want to wear rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and basically every piece of jewelry they have. Instead of wearing a lot of jewelry just choose one statement piece for yourself or for your outfit. It can be a pair of hoop earrings or a big boho ring or a long necklace.If you don’t like wearing jewelry then you can use your sunglasses, specs, handbags, clutch, or scarf as accessories. Sometimes a simple leather jacket or headphones can work for you.

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