How to Rock a Leather Jacket: Outfit Inspiration and Tips

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Leather clothing is extremely popular among both women and men. Such wardrobe items look stylish, wear-resistant, and comfortable. Speaking of what to wear with a men’s leather jacket, everything is quite simple. All kinds of trousers, pullovers, jeans, and sweaters will do. With women’s things, the situation is a little more complicated. Not every girl can figure out what to wear with a leather jacket to create a stunning look. Therefore, this issue should be examined in more detail.

Leather Jacket: Creating an image based on the length

Bows with a leather jacket can be very diverse, but when creating them, it is extremely important to take into account the length of the product. Depending on this, various clothing models will be selected.

Leather Jacket: Cropped or short

Short jackets are extremely popular. They are usually worn by slender girls with ideal figures. Such models are suitable even for mature women if their figure allows them to wear tight-fitting outfits.

Cropped leather jackets are considered universal. They can be combined with a wide variety of wardrobe items. The choice directly depends on personal taste preferences. This style is ideally combined with dresses, which can be sewn using both dense and light materials. The length of the hem is also not of fundamental importance. Suitable for both maxi and midi dresses.

When figuring out what to wear with a short leather jacket, you should pay attention to the trousers. This combination is considered one of the most successful. You can use both jeans and classic straight-fit models. Confident girls can combine a bright bottom with a dark top.

Girls who prefer tights and leggings should take into account that it is best to wear them with a short jacket. True, you need to complement the image with the help of a tunic. It also looks great in tandem with skinny jeans.

Leather jackets of this type look amazing when paired with skirts. It is appropriate to use both narrow and curvy options. True, in the latter case, the top must be tight-fitting. If the jacket is voluminous, the bottom should be fitted or straight.

Leather Jacket: Elongated and long

Long models are also very popular this season. Such products are ideal for the winter period. With the help of such clothes, it is possible to create very diverse images. For example, it is suitable for business, casual, romantic, and even sexy looks. You can wear a wide variety of wardrobe items with a leather jacket. The main thing is to approach their choice responsibly.

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A long leather jacket looks great with jeans and leggings. Even tapered trousers are appropriate in this case. It is also possible to use miniskirts in combination with tights. This solution will be one of the best for slender, long-legged fashionistas.

The bag should be selected taking into account the style and shade of the outerwear. For a long jacket, an accessory with a rectangular shape would be an excellent option. In the case of a flared elongated style, it is best to wear a clutch with a leather jacket. For insulated products made with fur, a tote bag is suitable.

Long outerwear looks harmonious with a variety of shoes. The choice can be made either from boots and shoes or from boots equipped with heels or flat soles.

Leather Jacket: Features of the shade palette

When figuring out what to wear with a leather jacket, you need to take into account the colors of this clothing. Naturally, this point will be of no small importance when composing the image.


The easiest way to figure out what to wear is with a black leather jacket. This color is considered classic and is suitable for creating different looks. Often, girls give preference to discreet styles, which allow them to bring a wide variety of ideas to life.

Whatever the ensemble, outerwear in this case plays the main role. For example, a leather jacket with red jeans, a white T-shirt, and black stilettos will look great. You can complement the look with a black leather bag.

Outerwear can be combined with dresses made in both pastel and fairly bright palettes. The finishing touch will be a compact handbag in the same color as the dress. In this case, shoes can be selected with stiletto heels. Pumps will also look great.

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An original look is obtained by combining a long chiffon dress with an extraordinary print and a thin black belt. Both sandals and elegant shoes are suitable in this case. An ideal addition would be a bag in the color of the jacket.

You can choose boots to match your outerwear. They are combined with dark leggings and a light tunic. A very extraordinary ensemble is achieved by using a brown blouse or turtleneck, as well as tight pants to match the jacket and suede boots. There is no need to limit yourself when choosing things. A black leather jacket will look amazing with any wardrobe items. Therefore, you should rely solely on personal taste preferences.


Separately, you should consider what to wear with a white leather jacket. With its help, you can create a luxurious image. For it to be harmonious, shoes should be selected to match the tone of the top. For example, a beige flared skirt and heeled shoes make you look incredibly feminine. In addition, the snow-white top will become even more elegant against the dark bottom.

Light jackets are combined with outfits in bright, even saturated colors, as well as bed colors. It is also appropriate to wear exclusively white clothes. This bow turns out to be unsurpassed. To achieve a similar result, you just need to choose contrasting accessories. For example, red accents look great on a white background.

Brown, red, and beige

When considering what to wear with a brown leather jacket, it is worth noting that this color is regaining popularity. In this situation, a black T-shirt or a sweater in this palette is perfect, as well as blue denim shorts in combination with black shoes and the same tights.

The brown palette is very diverse and therefore many stylists tell you what to wear with a red leather jacket, as well as beige models. It is noted that these colors combine perfectly with faded green, burgundy, rich gray, and snow-white tones. Naturally, when composing an image, attention should be paid to this particular palette.

A red jacket goes perfectly with the entire brown palette. For example, a great solution would be to combine it with chocolate and beige items.

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Many girls prefer bright red outfits. This palette has a huge number of shades, but each of them continues to be in demand for many seasons.

A red jacket looks great in an ensemble with beige, black, and snow-white tones. She can act as a bright accent. Therefore, combining it with clothes of the same color is strongly not recommended.

Burgundy models are less bright, and accordingly, the choice of companion flowers in this case is much larger. Pink outerwear looks harmonious with the additional use of restrained tones. As a rule, young ladies prefer this option, but such a leather jacket can even become an extraordinary accent in the image of a businesswoman.

Blue, yellow, and light blue

Blue can be an excellent alternative to black and brown. It is suitable for creating both casual and business looks. Blue products are also in trend now. When choosing jackets in these colors, you can safely give preference to denim items. The top can be a black T-shirt or a turtleneck. A blue leather jacket looks elegant in combination with a milky and pink palette.

To create a very extravagant look, you should pay attention to yellow leather jackets. They can be combined with various colors. For example, brown things will fit harmoniously into a business style. To create a bright look, you should take a closer look at black clothes.

Green and gray

Gray jackets look elegant when paired with jeans, skirts, and dresses in bright colors. The choice can be made from blue, purple, red, and even orange products.

Green leather jackets can be called a rarity. This is because many girls find it difficult to choose suitable clothes for them. In this case, a combination with a tight-fitting or straight skirt made in black would be an excellent solution. The green palette goes perfectly with gray, brown, and snow-white shades.

Finding the right clothes to go with your leather jacket is not as difficult as it might initially seem. This is a stylish, very versatile wardrobe item that goes harmoniously with a wide variety of things. To find the ideal option for yourself, you need to take into account the style of the leather jacket and its color. With this approach to business, every fashionista can create an exquisite look, regardless of age and body type.

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