How to Rock a Mini Skirt in Five Ways

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My past articles were about maxi dresses and midi skirts which I will provide the links below, but let us get to the short of it, that is the mini skirt. While it is short in the hemline, it is enormously full of fashion panache. You get to flaunt what you have such as your glowing skin or long legs without looking tacky but rather you will appear chic and very well put together if done right.

Mini Skirt

Don a mini skirt with a plaid print and a solid colored top to create balance. Wearing a mini skirt with tights and booties is also the way to go if you get cold easily since the latter fashion items add warmth to the body.

Mini Skirt 1

Amplify your sartorial game with skirt suits. As the name goes, this is a skirt with a blazer combination in the same color and style. This gives a very polished look that can take you from casual happenings to more semi-formal meetings or events.

Mini Skirt 2

As you know by now, I am a fan of playing around with texture and putting on or combining timeless pieces. This is why a soft, white button down with a denim mini skirt will always look fresh and presentable. It is very versatile that you can pair it with dolls shoes, stilettos or even sneakers depending on the appearance that you are going for.

Mini Skirt 3

A contemporary take on this trend is to have fun with prints and pattern play. Gone are the days when clashing prints are a no-no. Today, print on print is already acceptable in the fashion scene. But consider the overall look in doing so such as the color combination or how small or big the print is. In this case, a red and white striped top with black and white dotted, high waist mini skirt get our stamp of approval.

Mini Skirt 4

Go for a monochromatic palette or earthy tones like brown, white and beige for that matter. If you are leaning towards the conservative type, you can put a long cardigan to cap of your look.

Mini Skirt 5

Whatever style you fancy, you will always look great in the ideas that have been provided. Go and explore these outfits right now.

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