How To Select The Appropriate Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

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A hairstyle doesn’t come in one size fits all like your clothing. However, unlike your clothing, you cannot remove a lousy haircut after receiving insults from coworkers all day. Because of this, it’s important to know which haircut flatters your facial shape before having your hair cut. After all, a few more centimeters here or there, or a few strands of facial hair there, can make a huge difference.

We have haircuts for square faces, heart-shaped faces, diamond-shaped faces, triangle-shaped faces, long or rectangular faces, round faces, and more. And you cannot have a single face from each category. Unless you’re a bad guy from Batman.


Determining your facial shape is the first step in finding out which haircut will look best on you. Look at the figure below, then use a mirror to contrast your face with the various male facial shapes. In case you didn’t notice, there are more comprehensive instructions at the end of this post.

Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

How to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape


Hairstyle for round faces

A haircut that gives a round face shape some definition is beneficial since it is round with a rounded chin and no visible lines or angles. Consider one of these hairstyles if your face lacks angles or if you have some extra baby fat and are seeking haircuts for chubby faces.

Think square, advises Stevens if you have a round face. “Since round faces don’t naturally have many angles, you need to use your hair to provide the appearance of the structure. For structure, a pompadour or flat top with height at the top and tight sides, as well as front fringes, works nicely.

Any soft edges will be sharpened up by square corners in the high recession area of your hair, says Robinson. In addition to helping to thin the chin region and give the impression of a more chiseled jaw, a full square beard will also do this. (


Hairstyle for long faces

Long faces, which fall midway between an oval and a square, are also known as rectangular faces or oblong faces. To prevent the face from looking longer than it really is, hairstyles must be subtly altered.

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When retaining length on the top of a rectangular face, it’s crucial to avoid taking the sides too short as this would just emphasize the length of the face, according to Nicolaou. Consider a well-balanced style that doesn’t cut the sides too fast or leave the top with too much length.

As a result, attempt a hairstyle that allows the hair to fall to the sides or across the forehead to create width and prevent your face from looking narrower than it is. And lastly, Robinson advises against wearing a beard from Duck Dynasty. Try facial hair that fluctuates in length from stubble to a short beard to fill out any gaps instead of growing a full beard, which will just make your face appear longer.


Oval faces are seen as the genetic jackpot for women. They may not be the alpha of face shapes for guys, but they make an excellent canvas for experimenting with men’s haircuts. You lucky guy, the option is entirely up to you. An oval face shape complements just about every hairdo effectively because it is symmetrical and well-proportioned.

To guarantee you maximize your ovalness, there are a few tiny caveats. According to Aveda master barber Stelios Nicolaou, the technique of wearing hair off the forehead gives an oval face shape fullness and angles on top. The best cut is a traditional side-swept parting with short sides and back and slightly longer hair on top.


Hairstyle for square faces

A square face shape is ideal for men because of its razor-sharp jawline, even proportions, and sculpted appearance. Grrr.

It’s a wonderful foundation for most styles, similar to the oval, and is adaptable enough to work with both very short and longer hairstyles, such as buzz cuts, French crops, and quiffs. Just keep in mind that the shorter you go, the more you’ll appear to have just joined the military. Not that it won’t benefit you, though.


Hairstyle for heart shape faces

The (quite uncommon) heart-shaped face benefits from a few optical tricks to appear more proportionate. It is wide at the temples and hairline and progressively narrows to a point at the chin.

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Avoid overly tight cuts, advises Stevens, since they will draw attention to the forehead’s width and the chin’s narrowness. The safest bet is a medium-length swept look. Mid-length and long hairstyles that are kept moderately thin and light soften the prominent forehead of the heart shape.


Hairstyle for diamond faces

One of the less common facial types for guys is the diamond face shape, which is narrow in the chin and brow and wide in the cheeks. As a result, it has some specialized needs to make sure it resembles its namesake.

Your greatest bet, according to Stevens, is hairstyles that add breadth to the forehead and chin region. “Longer styles that can be tucked behind the ears are wonderful for emphasizing a diamond shape’s bone structure, while fringes work well to bring texture to the forehead.”

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