How To Update a Leather Jacket

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Leather products, even as durable and wear-resistant as sheepskin flying jackets, become dirty over time, lose their former luster and require updating. Is it possible how to clean a leather jacket at home so that it looks like new? There are several ways to update a leather jacket; let’s look at each of them.

Dyeing clothes

Aerosol cans of paint are sold in specialized stores and markets. The color may not match the original, you can change the shade and get a new item. The amount of paint is taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. On the cans, as a rule, the area covered by its contents is indicated. Approximately, for a medium-sized jacket, you will need two units of dye, for a coat – twice as much.

Special paints are used for painting:

  • in an aerosol can;
  • soluble in powder form.

Spray paint process:

  • Clothes are cleaned with a damp sponge and hung on hangers.
  • The work area is covered with newspapers or film so as not to stain the floor and furniture.
  • After the clothes have dried, they begin to apply paint, wearing rag or cellophane gloves on their hands.
  • From a distance of 20 cm, spray paint onto the surface of the product to be painted.
  • Leave the item to dry completely for the time indicated on the packaging.

The technology of painting with soluble paint is even simpler:

  • The dye is prepared according to the manufacturer’s recipe.
  • The hot solution is cooled to +45°C.
  • The clothes are carefully placed in the dye for 2-3 hours so that they do not bend or twist.
  • After the specified time has passed, rinse it until the water runs clear.
  • Dry on hangers in a ventilated, dark room.

How to get rid of defects and damage of a Leather Jacket

How To Update a Leather Jacket

Recommendations on caring for leather products from professionals will help you cope with abrasions and minor damage. The abrasion will disappear if you rub it with regular hand cream or special leather wax. Fresh, freshly peeled orange peel is also suitable for this purpose, on the outer surface of which there are essential oils that impregnate and eliminate damage.

Removing stains

Stains are removed with a warm soapy solution using a foam sponge. After removing the dirt, wipe the surface dry with a napkin and apply hand cream or castor oil to it. If the stains cannot be removed, you can add a little ammonia to the solution. Shampoo or detergent is also used instead of soap.


Stains from rust, oil, or nitro paint are removed with gasoline using a sponge; traces of motor and machine oils are removed with perchloroethylene. Ballpoint ink can be removed with a solution of rubbing alcohol and acetic acid.

Stains on light skin are cleaned with a mixture of gasoline and talc. The mixture is applied, pressed (can be with a glass plate), and left for several minutes. The dried pulp is removed with a clothes brush.

Other ways to update a leather jacket

To restore shine to the skin, take the whites of two eggs, shake them a little, and rub them into the skin with a sponge. A similar result can be achieved with laundry soap dissolved in warm water and mixed with glycerin. You can also restore shine by using lemon juice to wipe the surface.

To renew dark skin, damp coffee grounds left over from brewing coffee are recommended. Place it on an undyed flannel or woolen napkin, twist a swab, and wipe the skin with it.

The appearance of matte skin is well restored with a mixture of milk and turpentine. A thin layer of Vaseline will help restore lost shine. In the past, a regular bow was used for the same purpose. Currently, this method is not relevant due to the unpleasant odor.

How to prolong the “youth” of leather items

To do this, you must follow the recommendations for caring for leather products. It is strictly forbidden to wash leather clothing in a washing machine. This causes the skin to become rough and shed. If you get caught in the rain, hang your jacket (coat) on hangers to let it dry. Then apply hand cream to its surface.

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