How to wear 1 outfit in 3 different ways

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How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe and supposed I’ve nothing to wear! Perhaps it’s happened so often you’ve lost count! But noway worry, I’ll show you how to wear 1 outfit in 3 different ways.

how to wear 1 outfit in 3 different ways.

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A simple black slip dress is the best ideal and makes every woman should have hanging in her wardrobe. You can dress it up for no of occasions like date night with your significant other hanging out with friends etc.. or put it exactly back for a busy day flowing works. The options are unlimited! It’s all about supposing outside the box. Not sure where to start? Check out my creative tips below on how to wear 1 outfit in 3 different ways.

 Ready For Brunch

To make it possible you must have a black dress in your closet A little black dress is a wardrobe chief you are surely thinking but why? here I explain to you why a little black dress is a wardrobe chief. end of the week should be spent as attending brunch? So, with that in mind, for your first look enter that chief black slip dress. Throw on a denim jacket – either with the sleeves rolled up hanging over your shoulders. Add a pair of heels, a hat, and some majestic spectacles. Now you’re ready for that brunch

Casual look

Let’s be genuine, occasionally you have an entire day of work to run so you want to be things comfortable, but don’t want to immolate looking good! so you know you’re in good company with this on-trend outfit! So, if you’ve only got 5 minutes to get dressed and out the door, pick your black slip dress, chuck on your favorite worried t-shirt ( knot it in the front for redundant styling points), add a white cap, and some majestic spectacles matching sandals to complete your casual look in this look you can go in picnic, parties, dinner, and shopping, etc.

Formal glamour

For your 3rd look, I am covering glam. initially, put away the lurkers and have some pointed heels – a strappy black couple will noway go out of fashion. Next, you have a comfy jacket, but if you’re sensing more style, I suggest you add some accessories! feature your midriff with a chain belt, paired with matching ring earrings Style your hair straight for a surplus status of glam and perfect the look with a dramatic red lip and a spray of scent. After all, dressing up is individuality to be pleased for whole days, now you are ready for go in occasions like weddings, Easter, dinner, and ball, etc.


Thank you for appearing here hope you like my blog gain a creative idea must share your idea of how you can wear 1 outfit in 3 different ways.

By Shameen abbas

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