i’Brow Confidence! What’s Trending?

An eyebrow image to demonstrate I'Brow Confidence.
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Are you satisfied with your eyebrow, when not wearing make-up? Do you have the “i’Brow” type of confidence that comes with having brows that are ”on fleek”? Your answer is personal to you, but after this article on i’Brow Confidence, you would be better informed on the many ways you can improve your eyebrows. You’ll get helpful hints and ideas for those spectacular looking brows.

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It’s really depressing, when those of us who struggle with having very scarce or overly light and thin brows, are faced with the task of having to wipe or wash them off. It becomes a chore to reapply our brows, especially when we use non-resistant pencils and pens to draw them back on.

Natural Brows

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I happen to be one of the people who struggle with having very light and thin brows. My brow hairs are not even black. I usually shop for eyebrow pencils that are a bit hard, along with marker pens. At night I apply castor oil to aid the hair growth process for thicker brows. What I ended up with, was more scanty and light eyebrow hairs to tame. I either tweeze or shave them off to shape the brow, and the process begins again.This daily routine of having to ensure my brows are noticeable on a daily basis, persuaded me to research the market for makeup trends on eyebrows.

Here are some trending ideas that I found to be interesting enough for me to consider.

1. Eyebrow Tattoo and Microblading Trend

These procedures are sort of semi to permanent options, that might be a bit costly. The tattoo seems to be a feasible option for me, as the tattoo are actual hairlike strokes, that is stencilled. You get to choose your shape, preference and colour. The microblading is similar but a bit more like undergoing an operation, which may also be even more costly. There are videos available online, that show the microblading procedure, but it is all about your personal preferences. Do the research and I am certain you will be better informed to make a decision that is suitable for you.

I decided to choose the tattooing, after seeing this attached video link. Of course, I researched online for pics and photos of the finished look. However, in accordance to my needs and ultimate eyebrow goal, I chose the tattoo option to help me with my “I’brow” type confidence, but I need to find a professional to get the procedure done successfully.

This video is an actual experience. It is relatable and will most likely resonate with many of us who have similar thoughts and feelings about our brows. Have a look!


2. Eyebrow Tattoo Pens

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This is one of the latest trends, yet another semi-permanent option. Unlike pencilling or drawing your brows on with liner and markers, it is about using a water resistant, specialized tattoo pen, that gives hair strokes via three to four tips and it stays on, all day. You can also do your own research here if you haven’t already. Most of you already know about this invention but there are some, to whom this is news.

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I also like this option, because it gives me control over my brows with less hassle about re-application. It seems to be a satisfying investment for me, that is much less costly than any procedure. I like the idea of being able to fill in and mark my brows less or more depending on my overall mood and look. It’s a good way to get that ready to go, “i’Brow” confidence, that I need.

It’s all up to you now! Get yourself into a mood for eyebrow improvement,  by trying something new,  which can ease the hassle of constant re-application. I can definitely do with some “i’Brow confidence.” What about you?


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