Importance of body language in personality development

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Body language, which is best defined as a non-verbal form of communication shown through facial expressions, gestures, posture, and body movements, says a lot about one’s personality. In essence, if you want to achieve an effective personality, you will also need to improve your body language.

There are many ways you can improve your body language, but like most things, it needs practice and consistency so that it will become part of you, and not just something you can do for a certain period of time. If you want to develop your personality in a positive way, you need to be aware of your own body language and make sure it adheres to what is generally perceived as positive body language.

Body language plays an important role in one’s overall personality development and can create or ruin one’s impression. If you want to project yourself as a powerful personality and come across as a confident individual, don’t make these body language mistakes that can ruin your positive image.

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Basic Do’s for Body Language

These are just some of the different body language examples that you should follow.

Maintaining eye contact is a sign of respect and interest toward the other person. If someone is talking and you make sure you are keeping your eyes focused on them then this will make them feel that you are in fact interested in what they have to say.

Another body language is your facial expression. If you are always frowning, this would indicate that you have a negative aura, and this will push others away. Whereas if you are constantly seen smiling, you are going to attract other sunny and happy people to you.

Posture is also very important. You need to sit properly, avoid slouching, and if you can, keep an open posture at all times, leaning towards the speaker whenever necessary, to show that you are interested.


Don’ts for Body Language

Just as there are various body language movements and expressions you need to have, there are also those you need to do away with. These kinds of body language are negative, and not at all helpful in projecting a pleasant or winning personality.

• Fidgeting. This would only indicate nervousness and will make the other person doubt your credibility or your ability.

Standing too close. When you are too close to someone, physically, it will make the other person uncomfortable and will also trigger them to think you are invading their personal space.

Staring. Though it may not always be the case, staring is considered rude. While you maintain eye contact with the other person, do not overdo it to the point of staring.

Crossing your arms. This would indicate resistance on your part, so if someone is talking to you and you are crossing your arms, you will make the other person think that you really are not agreeing with what they have to say and you are making it known to them.

Great speakers are not born, they are made. Before they became great speakers, they underwent a rather difficult process of honing their skills, talents, and yes, even their personality. You too can become one as long as you are committed and geared towards self-improvement. It is not an easy feat, but it is possible, nonetheless.

By Fizza Shahid

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