Janelle Monae Bikini! 7 Times She Hit the Headlines

Janelle Monae dazzling with her Lingeria
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Janelle Monae has contained bold and innovative fashion choices which are celebrated widely. Her bikini choices have been so daring and statement makers. She is known for her perfect choices which have enabled her to make bold statements even on her casual wear. Here are her seven bikini choices that have turned heads everywhere.

Janelle Monae black bikini

1.”PYNK” Music Video Sensation

Janelle Monae dazzled with a vivid pink bikini in her music video for “PYNK”. It was an eye-catching bikini that naturally featured her beauty. This design complemented her wear choice of wear. She paired this look with a “Vagina Pants” which was a clear wow-wow to her fans.

2. Poolside Glamour

When Janelle Monae posted on her Instagram page, she wore a black bikini that was a form-fitting one. She accessorized this look with a golden bracelet that was a clear attraction for many. The post was a clear display the luxury and comfort wear.

Janelle Monae dazzling with her Lingeria

3. Cannes Film Festival Yacht Party

During the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Monae was seen embracing her swimwear on a yacht which displays her beauty. She was glowing with the styled bikini outfit which was seen as a comfort wear.

4. “Make Me Feel” Pool Party Vibes

“Make Me Feel” is a music video in which Monae strikes in with a daring bikini during the pool party scenes. It was a bikini wear that added a touch of glamour to its glowing nature. It was a vibrant bikini that anyone could desire to have it trier.

Janelle Monae yacht moments

5. Relaxing in Tulum

Monae went for a photoshoot when she showed up in a colorful bikini that reflected her playful side. She was seen to be relaxed in this bikini where that was displaying her vibrant spirit. The Tulum vacation was one to remember for the way it was amazing.

6. “Yoga” Music Video

The “Yoga” music video is where Monae showcased her sleek physique. It was a minimalist bikini which showed much impression of her performance.

7. Beach Day in Malibu

When it was an off-duty day, Janelle Monae displayed her casual wear in Malibu. She wore a high-waisted bikini that featured a fun. It was an oversized bikini design yet a modernized one.



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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