Jennifer Lopez’s Marry Me Movie 5 Outfit Review

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Who hasn’t watched the movie Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez, Osten Wilson, and Maluma? I hope I’m not late for this coz’ I love the movie so much and the chemistry of Jennifer and Osten in the movie. To be honest, I watched it twice before I decided to write this because I love the lines and the music especially when JLo sang ‘On My Way’ and ‘After Love’. It’s my favorite scene in the movie. Aside from that, I was amazed at Kat Valdez’s (Jennifer Lopez) outfit in the movie. It’s very popstar, classic, and modern. So here are the top 5 outfits that I love in the movie.

JLo’s Elegant Wedding Gown

The first stop is Jlo’s elegant wedding gown. The first thing that comes out in my mouth after I saw what happened in this part is that “what a waste” and what I mean about it is that Kat (Jlo’s character) waited for that moment and time to wear that gorgeous gown and to be married to Bastian (Maluma’s character) and take note, over 20 million of people are gonna watch with that live wedding which happened with Charlie Gilbert (Osten’s character) and not to Bastian because Kat found out awful news.

Going back to the gown, it is so gorgeous and I think it suit’s very well the song ‘Marry Me’ that Kat and Bastian are supposed to sing. I love the details of the beads that are highlighted to the gown. I can’t imagine how tiring it is putting each bead on the gown and it turns out so beautiful and it looks like a magical gown that I envy Jlo for wearing that. Whoever the designer is, I salute you for creating such a beautiful gown. And can we talk about the veil? It matches the gown and the jewelry that Kat wore.

I wanted to say it’s so sad wearing a wedding gown of your dream and you end up marrying some random and stranger guy you just saw in your concert but dang! It’s worth the risk because you found the one. You found your real happiness.

Glitzy Silver Slit Backless Dress

I never thought that this Glitzy Silver Slit Dress is a backless style. I did not notice it in the movie not until I searched it on Pinterest and just wow! The front view of the dress is already a wow because of the high slit and I thought it has a simple yet sexy vibe but when I saw the back view style I was so amazed and it’s literally sexy and elegant! Have you noticed that black thin belt that Jlo wears? It matches the heels that she is wearing and it looks fantastic It’s a little detail that adds extra spice to the outfit.  I also love the hairdo, it is fixed and clean which gives additional points to the whole look.

Blush Pink Cut Out Dress


Am I the only one loving this look? I mean just look at the details of the cut-outs, it’s a very popstar vibe with that boots on it. That sexy lower neckline and the backless style are sending fire to the viewers. I love how the combo of edgy and chic style in this look. It suits very well the vibe of the song ‘After Love’ that she sang in this part.  The cutout dress looks great on Jlo and I think maybe because Jlo’s life has similarities to her character as Kat Valdez in the movie. 

Red Fitted Dress


Can I be biased and say that this outfit may not be the most beautiful dress she wore in the movie but this is my favorite. Do you know why? Because this is the dress that she wore when she realized what she missed in her life. And that is her love for Charlie Gilbert who gives her real happiness, love, and who taught her what’s matters most. I love how she carries the sparkling fitted red dress and the fact that she is running in the airport with her heels on. And that heavy winter coat she wore when she arrived in Peoria suits very well to the red dress. Although it’s not as stylish as the other winter coat she wore but that fur style on the hood is so cute.  By the way, her hair keeps up with Kylie Jenner’s hair 😅.


Jennifer Lopez in White Trench Fur Coat


She wore different styles and different colors of the trench coat in the movie but this one is what I like. It’s classy and stylish at the same time it’s formal and you can wear it in cold weather. I love how the style of the trench coat, they added a white belt on it to add extra glam to the whole outfit as well.

Marry Me movie is such a charming story that everyone can relate to. The outfit of Jlo is always on point and it all suits her. As always Jlo is a great artist and a wonderful fashionista.

Photo credit to the respective owners in Pinterest. Thank you ❤

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