Jennifer Love-Hewitt Loves LV Palermo

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Is it just me who likes to watch out what bags Hollywood stars wear so often? I know Jennifer Love-Hewitt is a fan of designer bags as she is seen most often with them wherever she goes. But there are particular bags that this “Ghost Whisperer” star is spotted wearing the same style on different occasions.

This article talks about the LV Palermo that Jennifer Love-Hewitt loves wearing.  Read along to know why you should love LV Palermo and should start collecting it! And tip why Luxury Cheaper is the best place to shop for it!

Jennifer Love-Hewitt wearing LV bag

Jennifer Love-Hewitt (Photo from Pinterest)

If you are born in the 80s and are a millennial like me, your childhood would not be complete if you haven’t seen “I Know What You Did Last Summer” or haven’t chimed in when “No Ordinary Love” or “Barenaked” plays on the radio. We grew up with The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s theme song too. In case you are from a different time and space, Jennifer Love-Hewitt is Maddie Kendall from the hit series 9-1-1.

In the above photo, you’d see Jennifer in a black maxi dress carrying an LV Palermo PM without the shoulder strap. In terms of style choice, LV Palermo is one of Louis Vuitton’s versatile bags. It has a pleat that makes it a bit dressy and feminine, no wonder Jennifer loves it.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt wearing LV Palermo bag
Jennifer Love-Hewitt (Photo from Pinterest)

Speaking of the versatility of the LV Palermo bag, as seen in this photo Jennifer is pairing it with pajamas and a tank top for a sporty look. LV Palermo bag first came out on the market in 2008 and became an immediate hit. Bag aficionados love its functional design and leather accents. They are available in two sizes, PM and GM. If you want a bigger size Palermo choose GM.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt in jeans

Jennifer Love-Hewitt in jeans (Photo by Fanpop)

Here is Jennifer wearing it casually with rugged jeans and still looking chic. The thing is, you might not be able to find brand new LV Palermo brand new out there, and if there are still some left in retail stores out there, they are very rare as its production was stopped in 2017. This adds more value to the bag’s retail price and makes it one of the brand’s collectible classics. So if you are on a hunt for designer bags and new investments, buy this one!


The average price for a pre-loved Palermo ranges from US$1,500 to $1,800 depending on the condition of the bag. If you want to own one that is in its best shape, buy it from Luxury Cheaper. Their bags are meticulously curated by an expert bag collector and all their stocks are authenticated by a licensed body. Go ahead and check out their website at to find out irresistible LV Palermo collections. And yes, they are cheaper! You can find LV in the mintiest condition for $1,250. If I were you, I should go grab it now before someone else does!

By Jonquil Dun

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