Kate Mara Hairstyle! 7 killer Hairstyles that are Simple to Redo

Kate Mara flower print dress
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Kate Mara has a distinct sense of style that has made her be termed as a fashion icon. She has done great things in fashion that are quite attractive and impressive. Her ability to blend her fashion style isn’t just a normal thing but a great talent that she truly embraces jovially. Here are her seven iconic outfits that have wow-wowed her fans greatly.

Kate Mara fluffy hairstyle

1. The red Carpet Power Dress

When Kate Mara displayed herself with a stunning sleek gown that was blueish, she made it a memorable moment in her red carpet history. The dress was a form-fitting one thus displaying her curves and attracting her fans.

2. Effortless Casual Chic

Casual has been one of the most admiring looks that she likes to display during her off-duty time. Her fans have been taking a close follow up of her wear which has been a clear proof that she is a fashion icon with her match-fitting sense in fashion.

Kate Mara floral print dress

3. The Modern Power Suit

Kate Mara has been known to push her boundaries in fashion. She has been a great and confident fashionista who has shown her feminine side with a lot of courage and this has turned out to be a great inspiration to many in the outer world.

4. Bohemian Charm at Music Festivals

If we can try to talk of a confident and inspiring model, then we will be regarding Kate Mara. She is a fashionista who has been embracing the bohemian charm during her music festivals with a lot of confidence and inspiration.

Kate Mara flower print dress

5. Playful Cocktail Dresses

The playful cocktail dress has been a look that is mostly preferred for night and evening outings with its shining nature that has quite shown Kate’s fashion sense.

6. Monochrome Magic

As the name itself suggests, the monochrome magic dress gave Kate Mara a magical appearance that was a surprise to many and it was a very embraced outfit that even has trended in the market of fashion.

7. Vintage Glamour on the Red Carpet

Kate Mara has always been a courageous yet confident model who has been ready to channel vintage-inspired dresses. The choice of retro hairstyle was paired with accessories like a golden bracelet.



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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