Kenyan Reverend Lucy Natasha and Her Gorgeous Fashion Sense

Lucy natasha fashion
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Lucy Natasha is a fashion Icon in Kenya. Who really doesn’t know  Rev.Natasha? Her entire wardrobe is such a head-turner. Today I decided to make her the center of this exclusive article. This should serve as a moral lesson to Christians out there that you can still look gorgeous and beautiful without necessarily going semi-naked, right?

As a beautiful and sassy woman of God, you can be sure that Reverend Natasha has attracted many potential suitors from across the world. On top of the gospel, her magnificent fashion sense has earned her a top place amongst the most modest ladies out there. She is always charming in her classy and excellent outfits that are fit for a number of occasions.

Rev.Natasha is a young pastor in Kenya as well as the founder of Oracle Ministries which seeks to impact nations in a positive way. Join me as we discuss some of her greatest fashion moments:

1. Rev.Lucy Natasha All white:

How about an all-white outfit for the woman of God? She looks like an angel from afar. The clergymen and women are used to all-white outfits but none of them matches the level of Rev.Natasha. She has mastered the entire game and is a pure vibe with her gorgeous white trousers and a matching top. Her skin complexion speaks it all.

Lucy natasha fashion

2. How about a red engagement dress:

On the engagement day, every lady wants to look as gorgeous as ever and that was the case with the sassy Rev.Natasha. She has got it all. Beside her is her fiancee who seems to be asking for her hand in marriage after months of dating.

Rev.Natasha Red dress

3. White dress:

Every lady out there deserves a gorgeous white skirt or dress to match a number of official parties that need you to be looking as gorgeous as poss

4. Lucy Natasha All Black:

An all-black outfit is a must-have for any career woman out there. It defines who you are, gives you the confidence you need for the day as well as presents you both as fashionable and official. How do you rate her outfit?

Lucy Natasha all black


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PHOTO CREDIT: Revnatasha via google


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