Kesha Makes a Fashion Comeback in 7 Eye-Catching Outfits

colorful Kesha
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Kesha: Kesha’s first major post-rehab fashion comeback was filled with all the fierce, bold style, and unapologetic attitude she is known for. Let me take you through an early look at all the fun from the ‘TikTok’ singer and see the most kooky and cracked-out fashions from Kesha that we love.

1. Metallic Rage By Kesha:

There was Kesha, shelling out like a star, all the way from the shiny silver metallic jumpsuit inundated with sequins and rhinestones, while taking a Donk Kapow from the last awards show, shining and screaming in an over-dramatic future narrative manner.

beautiful kesha in silver metallic jumpsuit

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel:

In a clear effort to feel, not to mention presumably look, like the ultimate rock star icon, Kesha was heavily channeling thrashed denim cutoffs with a black leather jacket and a pair of fishnets. And there were studded boots—not to mention a bold red lip—that stole the show.

3. Bohemian Beauty By Kesha:

Kesha stuck to her bohemian, eccentric self and hypnotized the audience in a sweeping, boho long dress with heavy multi-layered accessories, including a flower crown. The offbeat creativity shocks all that one would expect and the perception of classicism.

4. Colorful Queen:

No one is looking more dolled up with colors than Kesha in this picture. The singer was seen decked up in a shimmery multicolored sequin-full-sleeved mini dress, a lookalike of an explosion of joy and good vibes. The glittery eyes and waterfall curls are added Kesha elements.

colorful Kesha

5. The Vintage Vixen By Kesha:

Kesha Ani adorned a glittering black ultra-plunge dress with a V-shaped keyhole and classic Hollywood waves, grazing the red carpet in high style. A cheetah-powered cat-eye and classic Hollywood curls are old Hollywood on steroids.

6. Classic eccentricity:

She was unapologetically audacious in taking different patterns and mixes of textures to dress something with an eccentric and eclectic touch. In owning her unapologetically eclectic prints and used-in-new-ways accessories, she did just that: she worshipped the individual in all his gloriously offbeat glory.

fashionable Kesha

7. Empowered Elegance By Kesha:

Kesha paid an empowered elegance tribute to power dressing in this pantsuit and poured in confidence and strength. Power dressing is without gender, and in her case, the smashing lines and subtle embellishments make it epitomize modern femininity with a fierce edge.




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