King of Fashion! 7 Hottest Moments by David Beckham

David Beckham swag
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David Beckham has several top-notch fashion moments.  I am glad you chose to keep it at Fashonation for all your fashion, dress, and glamour needs. David Beckham is both a football icon and a fashion star. Here are some of his best fashion moments!

One of my favorite David Beckham outfits was at Miami City Hall overnight, where he wore a nice pared-down suit and a grey tie paired with a white dress shirt. He also added accessories, like the watch. He looked very nice.

David Beckham hottest fashion moments

I can tell that Beckham and his wife, Victoria, looked very nice at the 2014 Met Gala. Beckham was in a nice power suit. He wore a white shirt, a blazer, and some accessories. The couple looked very good on the red carpet since they were all in white.

Another fashionable moment that I liked about David Beckham was when he wore a tailored navy blue suit. He looked very nice. I can truly say that Beckham likes styling. I can tell that Beckham looks nice every time he wears a suit.

David Beckham swag

I can also say that Beckham also knows how to wear a casual look. He has been seen wearing a nice white T-shirt with denim trousers and loafers. He looked very good. He is not only good at football but also at clothing.

Beckham looked perfect on the red carpet when he wore a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. He looked very nice. I can say that he is my favorite.

You can trust me that Beckham was also fashionable in the 1990s. In 1999, he was seen with his wife wearing leather. They looked like a really powerful couple since they were both in leather.


In 2000, Beckham looked nice when she wore a snakeskin jacket and a white T-shirt. I can say that he looked very nice. Beckham is a real fashion icon.

From what I have seen and what I have learned, Beckham loves fashion. In every event that he goes to, he always dresses perfectly. Beckham is talented in football and also in dressing. As for me, I also say that both Beckham and his wife are fashionable since they have both been seen looking perfect.

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