Lana Del Ray Kills The Show in 7 Glamorous Outfits!

Lana Del Ray hot sexy dress
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Lana Del Rey, a celebrated singer with a ghostly voice and retro look, consistently impresses all with her impeccable fashion. Whether it is on the stage or the red carpet, Lana has a natural air of beauty, class, and sophistication enveloping her persona. In this article, I will take you through 7 of her most fabulous costumes that truly rocked the show.

1. Retro Chic in Polka Dots:

Lana’s affinity for vintage couture was challenged by bright polka dots made during the early eras. It is hard to forget her wonderful dress with its top-notch silhouette and merry pattern which made her a timeless classy lady.

Lana Del Ray hot sexy dress

2. Lana Del Rey in Gothic Glamour:

Lana not only amazed listeners with her powerful vocals but she also set the stage for a dramatic look in a black gown with lace details. With a dramatic lip color as well as big diamond earrings, she looked quite attractive and almost mysterious at the same time.

Lana Del Rey in Gothic Glamour

3. Floral Fantasy:

Finding her inner feminine side Lana gave fans an irresistible aesthetic of a delicate floral dress. Fitted in the airy outfit which was predominantly in soft pastel hues and flowing fabrics, she looked as if she was playing in a dreamland.

4. Sequined Sensation:

Lana stirred in a sequined gown that acted as the highlight point for her dazzling side. The intricacies of her beadwork and her clinging silhouette went hand in hand with the towering figure that assured her a standing ovation from the audience.

Lana Del Ray hot and cute

5. Lana Del Rey in Old Hollywood Glamour:

Cunningly mixing the flavor of old Hollywood glamour with a satin gown, Lana paid tribute to the era of the golden age of cinema. She wore this lovely low-neckline dress furnished with the elegance of a movie-best Actress.

Lana Del Rey in Old Hollywood Glamour

6. Bohemian Beauty:

Standing true to her carefree persona, Lana Del Rey has been captivated in the bohemian textile styled in loose garb and embellishment. She radiated the boho chic glamour with flowers tied into her crown and an outlook on life that was free in spirit.

Lana Del Ray sexy red carpet

7. Lana Del Rey in Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel:

Lana Del Rey brought out her inner and real rock goddess putting on a leather jacket and studded boots. She would appear in front of the stage glammed up in her red lipstick and with smoky eyes and would reveal a mysterious addictive harshness in her voice that was hard to resist.

Lana Del Rey in Rock 'n' Roll Rebel




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