Lana Del Rey: Casual in Bikers Shorts, Bikini, and Denim

Lana Del Rey hot and sexy casual
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Lana Del Rey is one of the biggest names in the fashion world and has been revolutionizing casual dressing. Whenever she steps out, she takes us all by storm as she seems to amaze us with her fashion styles. For those who know her, her wardrobe cannot be ever complete without the biker shorts, bikini, and denims which I will be taking you through in this article.

Lana Del Rey hot and sexy casual

The transformation of biker shorts, which were considered sports gear only, into a must-have in our daily fashion is due to Lana Del Rey. Among her outfits are oversized graphic tees that she pairs with cropped sweaters and at all times finds a way to balance comfort with fashion. This simple piece of clothing is not only seasonal but is also an ideal outfit for hot weather. Its casual and relaxed mood makes it perfect for any event whether you are just out strolling or even at a music festival.

Lana Del Rey bikini sexy

Lana Del Rey is not through yet. Bikini is also seen in a couple of events as a part of her casual attire. Whether placed poolside or worn down the beach, this designer shows how swimwear does not have to fit the traditional description of everyday wear. Not only that, bikinis are perfect outfits for layering with shirts of different types to hide or add a degree of flirtatiousness to your look. Lana’s style is more of an it-girl and so is her attitude. Bikinis are her best choice as they not only add a playful and carefree feel to her outfits but also complement the hot days.

Lana Del Rey sexy shorts

Lana Del Rey has also driven us to not abandon the essence of denim which is the most beloved casual outfit. Lana Del Rey’s carelessness about denim could be referred to as hipsterish, as the stylist either puts on years’ faded and torn jeans or a pure denim jacket on floral gardens. Denim just brings out the left relaxed and smart at the same time, which is exactly what we all aim at when we think of Lana’s similar fashion style.




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