Lavender Color For A Badass Woman

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If there is a color I never dare to wear, Lavender or any shades of violet is one of them. I don’t want to creep you out but this color symbolizes mourning or death. It’s the tradition I grew up with that when someone dies, the color purple is used. However, I like the shades of Lavender. It brings calmness to the eyes and you can pair it with anything. Here are the Badass ideas of a Lavender color you might want to try on next time!

Oversized Cardigan On A Boot For A Badass Look

lavender color

How cool is this look for a street fashion style? The oversized cardigan gives highlights to the high-cut boot. It is chic and very fashionable especially if you pair it with a cute handbag that will match the color of the oversized cardigan. For a comfier look, a messy bun will do for a badass vine.

Lavender Color Trench Coat Style For A Badass Look

lavender color trench coat

One of the hyped outfits you could pair on loose pants is a Trench Coat and yes! It serves a badass woman side of yours. With this style, you can wear a lavender color cropped tank top to your loose pants or trousers perhaps. Nice high-edge shoes and sneakers will always look good on a trench coat but if you think heels and a boot are more for you then go for it! The trick here is to look badass so better wear extra accessories like sunglasses and some piece of jewelry as well as a cute handbag or a pouch.

Bubble Jacket For A Street Style Badass Look

lavender color bubble jacket

It’s not yet winter but you could probably wear a baggy lavender color Buble jacket for a street look that will make you look like a badass woman. With a boot or shoes, you can rock the street fashion along with celebrities and influencers. Whether you’re wearing a mini skirt or sweat pants, an ultra bubble jacket will always look good especially if you know how to mix and match your lavender theme with other colors.

What do you think looks best in you for a lavender color Badass Woman Look? Comment down below and I’ll see you at the next one!

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