Lazy Skincare Routine For Busy Women

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There are times when we get very busy with work or other personal things and we sometimes forget to do our skincare routine. And as a woman, we should not let the day goes by without doing our daily ritual which is the skincare routine. With these Top 3 easy peasy products you can be busy yet still beautiful.

skincare routine

Skincare Routine Top 1: Cleanser

The cleanser is the most important and should be the top 1 on the list especially if you are wearing makeup then a cleanser is a must. After removing your makeup (or even without makeup) make sure to wash your face with a facial wash before putting some cleanser on a cotton pad. Gently tap the cotton pad to your face and do it until there’s no excess makeup left.

Since we have different skin types, make sure to choose a cleanser that is dermatology proven and tested for better use. There are a lot of cleansers that can cause pimples or acne, if you think you experience it too stop using it and just go with different products or a natural way of skincare routine.

Skincare Routine Top 1: Cleanser

Top 2: Toner/Serum

Toner or a Serum is the second on the list and yes it is as important as putting a lotion on your skin. With a toner, it will help your skin to get moisturized and healthy even on your busy schedule. Just make sure to choose the right toner or serum that is perfect for your skin type and anti-acne.

There are products that you can buy at the lowest price but I suggest especially if it is for your face. Make sure that is worth the price. It doesn’t matter if it cost a dollar as long as we don’t get acne after using it. Would you agree with me?

Skincare Routine Top 2: Toner/Serum

Top 3: Sunscreen

And last but not least Lazy Skincare Routine For Busy Women is putting a sunscreen. You all know why it is important to put sunscreen on the face that has SPF 50+ magic that will help our skin stay hydrated even on a draining and sunny day. 

Sunscreen will also save us from having dark spots and aging too fast (which most of us are afraid of). Make sure to exfoliate, moisturize, and hydrate your face with a sunscreen product that is suitable for your skin type.  

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