Loungewear is the New Workwear

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Post-lockdown life might pull you out of your bed but not out of your cosy loungewear! We’ve all spent more than a year doing our routine tasks comfortably in our restful home attire.

We are muffled by so much lethargy that even in our productive modes, we turn to the easiest path- that of attending Zoom Meetings by just changing the top! You know your boss will not chide at you for the absurd dressing because they’ve gone slothful too.

Now even during the physical meetings, don’t shy away from embracing your new adopted style because the world of Fashion has changed during the pandemic!

Loungewear 1

Contemporary Fashion Designers are putting their imagination into creating elevated loungewear that can be worn as formal as well. So, don’t be surprised when you see your colleagues wearing pyjamas in the workplace!


Quality Check: Look for high-quality lounge pants and investment pieces that promise comfort. You may style your loungewear in the best way possible and yet look unappealing because of the faded colour or the bobbles popping out from corners.

Loungewear 2

Finding a good pair of bottoms is just a smart shopping away! You can browse the online stores or prefer physical shopping to try if the fitting is perfect or not, of course when it is safe. How well a clothing item hugs your body is a defining feature of its quality. So, don’t shy away from trying a bundle of clothes in the trial rooms!

Suit-up: Layering a well-coordinated Blazer or a coat on top of your home ensemble can elevate your look to the extent that you can wear it in your office. Choice of colour preference should be clever. If your loungewear is lighter in shade, throw on a dark-coloured Blazer.

Loungewear 3

Go Graphic: Owning a good Graphic Tee can save you from a thousand Fashion blocks. It is so versatile that you can pair it with denim or pyjamas or pants, making all the looks so powerful and edgy. That’s the thing about Graphics- you can not turn your eyes away from the art piece!

Night-set to Work-set: You must be wondering what we’re talking about, but whatever just got into your mind is the trick. You can turn your pyjama sets into formal wear by adding subtle accessories. Throw on a good pair of heels and statement necklaces to uplift your new formal look. You can even use your upper night set as a blazer by wearing a plain white shirt and a tie underneath.

Loungewear 4

All sweat to work in Sweatshirts: Pun intended! You can pair your hoodies with high-waisted pants and throw in a statement belt and be set to work in both comfort and style.

Hoodies give out a very pleasant and friendly vibe. It not only puts you in a cosy mood but also helps to build a friendlier work environment.

The shift of wearing loungewear outside the home is new and Millenials are ready to clasp it. Because of the functionality, it serves the person, the motivation to work is even more.

Just like your loungewear that is elastic and fits all your needs, the new Fashion trend is here to fix all your work problems. You can sail through all your stress in chic comfortable garments.

Don’t compromise comfort over style and never do the vice-versa. Put your best Fashion foot ahead and pick out the new collection of Multifunctional garments that you can don at home and work both. Designers are making the impossible seem plausible by merging the two enemies: comfort and style.

So, add more loungewear in your closet because they are here to stay, until then…

XOXO, Guiding Girl!

Photo credit: Pexels

By Manaam

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