Love Necklaces? Try These Types of Pendants

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Jewelry always has a significant place in every woman’s heart. Women love to doll up with a lovely piece of jewelry because it highlights their beauty and makes them look confident.

But have you ever wondered, what’s that one piece of jewelry that can add elegance to your outfit and dazzle up your appearance? Let me tell you, a necklace is one of the essential parts of women’s ornaments that every woman wears to make her look sophisticated.

No matter whether you’re a working woman, housewife, or student, a necklace is single-handedly enough to level up your style game. So if you also have a soft side for necklaces or love to complete your appearance with a decent necklace, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started with some of the most exciting necklace options that are anything but boring.

Solitaire Necklaces


Solitaire Necklaces

With all the elegance and classiness, the solitaire necklace offers you a complete package of dazzle in just one piece that can add charisma to your outfit. If you also love to wear a necklace that simply goes well with your outfits, a solitaire necklace is the one for you.

The single pendant in the solitaire necklace brings all the attention to your face and gives a more feminine touch to your look. You can opt for any gemstone of choice and match it with your outfit to complement your appearance. Of all the gemstone choices, the emerald necklace is the one that can match the grace of a solitaire necklace if you love the green gemstone.

Two-stone Pendant


Two-stone Pendant Necklaces

Want something offbeat in your necklace that can add a fancy and modern touch to your look? A two-stone pendant is for you. With sheer elegance and singular appearance, a two-stone pendant fulfills all your expectations to own a look that attracts all the attention.


If you see a two-stone pendant with a different angle, it symbolizes romance and love. Two stones are the symbol of two hearts that have come together to share life. Celebrities like Meghan Fox and Ariana Grande’s engagement ring have set the trend among couples to get engaged with the two-stone ring.

If you want to have a diamond in your two-stone engagement ring, then sapphire, emerald, and ruby are the perfect gemstones to be paired with a diamond. Or, you can also consider embedding the birthstone of you and your partner in the ring to make it even more special.

Halo Pendant Necklaces


Halo Pendant Necklaces

Halo is always versatile. The surrounding diamonds in a halo pendant enhance the brilliance of the center stone and make the stone appear big. This spectacular pendant perfectly goes well with your unique style and elevates the beauty of your outfit prominently.

Whether it’s a party or a special occasion, you can always spread charm with the beautiful halo pendant. There are plenty of gemstone options you can choose to design your gorgeous halo pendant. Opt for color gemstones like sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, and many others to give a unique touch to your pendant.

Three-stone Pendant


The three-stone pendant is known for its eternal beauty and great symbolism. Each stone in the three-stone pendant symbolizes love, friendship, and fidelity. If you are thinking of gifting a stunning piece of jewelry to your loved one, a three-stone pendant can’t go unchecked. You can play with different gemstones to make your pendant more adorable.

Express your love for necklaces by styling yourself with a necklace that amps up your persona. Choose a perfect gemstone necklace and pendant set that best portrays your personality and complements your outfit. GemsNY is known for designing jewelry that adds stars to your look. Visit their online store to get a beautiful pendant for yourself.


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