Men’s Leather Jacket Outfit Inspiration for All Seasons

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Hi all! I’m glad you don’t forget to visit my blog. Today I want to discuss the topic of men’s wardrobe. Let’s talk about what to wear with a men’s leather jacket. The cold season is long over, and you can safely put winter things away in the closet (although, as one of my friends says: hiding your jacket before June is a bad omen!).

In spring, the weather is changeable and it often happens that you go to work in a T-shirt, and come back with a jacket pulled up to your ears! And it’s quite normal that everyone wants to find a universal thing for every day. So to speak, so that it warms you in bad weather and doesn’t burden you on a clear day. A leather jacket, or as it is also called a leather jacket, is exactly such a thing.

I’m sure every man wore a biker jacket at different periods of his life. After all, a leather jacket is an expression of rebellion. Previously, it was worn mainly by bikers, but now it can be seen on every second guy. It warms perfectly and protects from rain. But not everyone knows how to choose the right things for it.

What to wear with a men’s leather jacket

Not every guy asks this question, because thinking about fashionable new items is the lot of girls. I’ll tell you the truth, every normal guy thinks so, but I have to disappoint you guys, this is very reckless. If you look great, not only will all the girls be yours, but your self-esteem will also increase significantly.

What to wear with a leather jacket for guys

Now for some reason, there is an opinion among people that if a guy is well-groomed or follows fashion, that means he is gay. You shouldn’t be among the gray masses and shine with opinions that have long become relics of the past. And the girls will not be delighted if you reek of fumes or look like something between a homeless person and a clown. Although it depends on what kind of girls, of course…

Here is an example of the wrong choice of clothing. Imagine a guy with a thin build is wearing a wide green T-shirt, with a leather jacket on top. The bottom half consists of white knee-length shorts, pulled-up socks, and black dress shoes. You will probably laugh now, but such originals do exist. Know that a girl always evaluates a guy by his appearance. She knows at first glance who is in front of her – a nerd or a real dude.

So think about what is best to wear.

Where does the selection of clothes begin?

First, you should evaluate yourself from a critical point of view. What body type:

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  • high
  • short
  • stocky
  • thin
  • mixed type

For each type, you need to select individual clothes to hide flaws and highlight advantages. Now you’re going to think: “Am I a woman?”. But this is quite normal, because each of you has your own body type, and it would be stupid to give one piece of advice for everyone. If you, for example, have a beer belly, believe me, it doesn’t make you look any better, and wearing a tight T-shirt is a stupid idea. A loose shirt is more suitable here, which will hide the stomach and emphasize broad shoulders.

You can combine different colors – black, brown, blue. Depending on your appearance.

If you have blond hair or light brown or brown hair, you should wear dark shades of clothing. And if you are dark-skinned and dark-haired, light colors are more suitable. For example: a white T-shirt with a black leather jacket on top looks good on a brunette. Thanks to the uniqueness of black color, you can wear black jeans or trousers on the bottom.

What to wear with a brown men’s leather jacket

It is better to combine a brown men’s leather jacket with a gray shirt or a light beige sweater (especially important if it is rainy, or gray weather outside). Downwards you can wear gray or dark blue jeans with sneakers.

men's leather jacket
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Important: You can buy expensive and cool clothes, but not know how to wear them. And you can look very cool with a modest wardrobe. For interesting things, you can always look at eBay, where I have more than once found something good for a reasonable price:

  • Sneakers
  • Jeans
  • Sweater
  • Boots

How to choose the right biker jacket?

Now there is a large selection of leather jackets of various styles:

  • long;
  • short;
  • wide;
  • narrow;
  • with oblique zipper;
  • with a straight zipper, etc.

The most famous manufacturers:

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  • Hugo Boss
  • Armani
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Replay
  • YSL
  • Jack

The classic biker jacket is short with an oblique zipper, many small pockets on the chest, and a couple of large ones on the side.

Each pocket of the biker jacket has a zipper, so it’s very convenient to put even small things there.

In addition, the overlap of one part of the jacket over the other additionally warms the chest, even if you are riding a bike or moped.

A leather jacket with a straight zipper is also popular because of its strict classic style; it can be worn with a formal suit and tied with a scarf around the neck. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also look great.

Let me digress a little and tell you a story from my life practice. I had a case, once the boys gathered to sit in a cafe. Well, I didn’t worry about my “outfit”, it’s all my own anyway. And that was my first mistake. We sat for about half an hour, and then cool girls sat down at the next table. Well, you understand, we cool guys were already knee-deep in the sea and we decided to meet. I sit down next to a beautiful brunette and ask: “Does the beautiful lady want to meet?”. To which they answered me: “The beautiful lady does not want to meet a drunk man with a homeless appearance . ”

To say that I was out is to say nothing. Of course, I laughed it off, but I thought seriously and after a while, I went to the toilet to look in the mirror.

Yes, guys, if I were in the girl’s place, she didn’t even bother talking to me. A wide yellow T-shirt of an overly long cut, and on top of it a shabby jacket of faded black or dark gray felt. Well-worn blue jeans and red sneakers. It’s not the best option for dating! From that day on, I decided that I would pay more attention to my image because many people really meet by their clothes! And if I am a scarecrow, then few people will have the opportunity to discern my rich inner world.


How much does a men’s leather jacket cost?

The cost of a good leather men’s jacket starts from £150 ($200). It all depends on the quality of the leather, style, and complexity of tailoring. Natural leather, of course, costs more, but it can last 8-10 years with good care.

Many people are interested in whether a men’s leather jacket stretches. Yes, over time the leather stretches a little, so it’s better to choose a jacket that fits, don’t go up a size. Otherwise, after a while, it will look as if it was taken from a corpse.

If you bought a biker jacket that is too narrow, then the question arises –

how do you stretch a leather jacket without ruining it?

The tailoring of the men’s leather jacket itself is important here. If processed or cut incorrectly, it may come apart at the seams. You also need to stretch it correctly. Soak the jacket in cold water and stretch it a little in the right places with your hands, but only gently, and then hang the wet jacket in the shade. In the sun, a real men’s leather jacket can shrink back. You can also put on several warm sweaters and a jacket moistened with water on top. This way the item will not deteriorate and you will be able to achieve the desired result.

I hope my tips will help you decide on your style. Visit my blog often and read new interesting tips. Invite your friends (via social network buttons), and we will discuss a wide variety of topics together. See you!

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