Men’s Winter Jackets: They will keep you warm and comfortable

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With the first frosts come thoughts of insulating yourself. In the men’s wardrobe, jackets remain the traditional outerwear for winter. These are practical, comfortable, and suitable for all ages, providing comfort and excellent warmth in cold weather. Men’s winter jackets amaze with their original design, increased functionality, and comfort.

Particularly interesting models are represented by sports brands that manage to produce unusually warm and durable jackets that are light in weight and can withstand repeated machine washes. Such models will last for more than one season, and you can wear them with a wide variety of clothes: from sweatpants and insulated sneakers to classic jeans and cowboy-style boots.

Which Materials To Use

Most models are made from waterproof fabric such as nylon or polyester. Synthetic winterized is most often used as insulation, but top brands use more technologically advanced materials that provide excellent warmth even when using thin layers.

Last but not least is the processing of fabrics. Impregnations provide waterproofness and wind protection. Impregnated fabric retains color better. High-quality products have taped seams, which prevent moisture from getting under the clothes.

With the development of membrane materials, winter jackets with improved characteristics appeared. Porous membranes are inferior to non-porous membranes, but a combined membrane has proven itself best, which preserves the ability of the fabric to exchange air but enhances the protective properties of winter clothing.

The thin membrane is suitable for making sports equipment that not only warms well, but also removes excess heat, does not restrict movement, and is lightweight.

Leather Quality

There is probably no need to look for the advantages of leather products. These things are loved for their spectacular design, nobility, and elegance. High-quality leather will last for many years. This is an environmentally friendly material that retains heat well and does not allow wind to pass through. The advantages of leather jackets include:

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  • beautiful appearance;
  • reluctance to burn out;
  • ease of care;
  • nice texture.

However, leather jackets are not suitable for extremely cold winters. Either it will be an extremely heavy thing, or it will not be warm enough. To a greater extent, leather jackets are suitable for harsh off-seasons or relatively warm winters. With constant humidity, leather items swell and gain weight. Special impregnations that will improve the properties of the material can save the jacket.

With fur

Fur products are variable. Designers produce jackets with fur as insulation, as well as products sewn from fur scraps using a patchwork technique. Such jackets look extremely fashionable, keep you warm, and fit into the image of an urban fashionista.

Faux fur is cheaper, although it is not inferior in performance to natural fur. If you have never worn a fur jacket before, then you should try faux models. If they fit into your wardrobe and become your favorite things, then you can think about buying an expensive product made from natural skin.

Even more common are ordinary fabric jackets with fur used as trim. Traditionally, fur goes to the edge of the hood and collars. The contrasting trim makes the winter jacket more elegant and brutal.

Men’s winter jackets: the best styles

When choosing a product for winter, men are guided by practicality, performance characteristics, and the style of the product. Stylish jacket options include sporty-style bombers, quilted models, fur, and leather items. Insulated fabric variations reinforced with special impregnations are suitable for winter.

The length of the jackets varies. The most practical models are considered to be mid-thigh. They are moderately warm but do not restrict movement. Models that are too long are more suitable for a business or smart-casual wardrobe. Men leading an active lifestyle prefer sports-style jackets that are just below the waist.


Among men, there are many fans of elongated jackets called parkas. This is a moderately free, but unshaped model. It can be slightly fitted, which improves the appearance and makes the male silhouette more proportional. The palette of parkas is often practical and non-marking, as is the finishing. A fur collar or hood trim is the maximum that such a product can boast of. Parkas are often equipped with drawstrings, patch pockets, and functional and decorative zippers.

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The fabric of the product always repels dirt well and does not allow moisture and wind to pass through. At the same time, winter versions of parkas are light and soft. These jackets do not rustle and do not stand up, and therefore young men are willing to choose such clothes for winter if they need to spend a lot of time in the car, periodically jumping out into the street.

Sport winter jackets

Short, bright jackets made from technological materials are suitable for winter tourism and active recreation. Sports models attract with their original design, functionality, and resistance to external influences. Fashionable sports brands produce short bomber jackets for men with reinforced insulation, as well as puffy jackets with a high neck and hood. The presence of additional cuffs and a knitted belt provides improved protection from wind and frost.

Sports jackets are of particular interest in terms of design. Men will be able to try on plain models with contrasting stitching, items with a bright front and dark sleeves, and models made using patchwork techniques. Fashionistas have access to jackets with reflective inserts, as well as contrasting items in rich light green, scarlet, and azure blue colors.

Short models

Most sports models have a shortened style, but casual variations are often represented by products just below the waist. Such jackets are extremely comfortable if a man has to spend a lot of time on the move.

Short models cannot boast of improved warming properties, like elongated parkas and fur products, but students, tourists, and young people who are not used to being in one place for a long time feel unusually comfortable in them.

Fashionable men’s clothing brands offer short jackets for winter in practical colors. These are usually black, dark blue, or brown variations with contrasting fur trim.

Most products are complemented by a collar with an edge, but if a car owner is looking for a comfortable jacket to move around the city on wheels, then he can pay attention to a short model without a hood, but with a stylish fur collar.

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Long winter jackets

If, when choosing a product, the priority is increased protective properties and heat retention, then you won’t find anything better than elongated models with a high collar and a removable hood. These can be quilted options like down jackets, fabric coats with technological insulation, and traditional jackets with down filling and fur trim.

Recently, a large number of elongated models have appeared in the collections of sports brands. These products provide excellent warmth in severe frosts, which is why many men choose long puffy jackets for harsh winters.


Bombers and pilots are essentially synonymous. These winter jackets were originally intended for military pilots. They met the requirements of convenience, practicality, and functionality, while the design of the products was far from perfect. Winter versions of pilots were made of thick leather, and sheared sheepskin was used as lining. Today, such products are used to create retro looks and informal casual looks.

More modern versions of pilots are made from specially impregnated fabrics, but the sheepskin collar still remains the hallmark of the model. For less severe winters, a lightweight bomber jacket with a knitted stand-up collar is suitable.

Alaska winter jackets

Improved parks are called Alaska. They are more resistant to bad weather and can withstand unprecedented frosts. Initially, these were models created for the military: pilots and airbase personnel. Nylon and wool were used in their manufacture.

The modern version is characterized by increased lightness and wear resistance, which is facilitated by technological fabrics. Many of them have fire-resistant properties, do not allow wind to pass through, and do not crack due to temperature changes.

A special feature of the original “Alaska” is the contrasting lining. It is usually made of orange fabric. The idea was purely functional. Since the jackets were created for the military, in the event of a disaster the pilot would wear the jacket inside out and could be seen on any surface.


The current Alaskans retain the orange lining, although some products match the base fabric. The beauty of such clothes is that they can be combined with both trousers and distressed jeans. You can wear the jacket with military-style items, as well as with casual clothes.

Military-style winter jackets

We have already mentioned pilot clothing and military-style winter jackets. Militaristic products always have practical colors. This color is usually khaki, dark gray, or anthracite. Fashionistas can try on padded military-style jackets with a spectacular camouflage pattern. In this case, fur trim, contrasting stitching, and bright inserts are not used, since mixing styles in one piece of clothing looks chaotic.

Down winter jackets

Down jackets are always welcome among young people. This product is surprising with its heat-saving properties, lightness, despite its external volume, and freedom of movement. Most models are filled with artificial down, and such things are preferable to natural ones. They are easier to care for, they do not pill after washing and at the same time, they warm well.

High-quality products are evenly stitched with filler along the entire length. If you need to thoroughly insulate, then an elongated down jacket with hidden cuffs will help out.

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