Menswear Trend for Winter 2021

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It’s a typical misunderstanding that following trends consistently leads to good dress. Therefore, in our opinion, is just not the reality. Following every seasonal menswear trend completely is a formula for bad style.

The ability to successfully determine between passing trends and future classics was important for keeping your fashionable self-respect. And, to help you get started, we’ve put up a carefully selected list of menswear trends worth putting into your wardrobe this year.

These are the men’s fashion trends to watch in 2021, from the return of florals to the consistent widening of styles.

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Oversized Outwear

In 2021, tailoring isn’t the only thing loosening up. Slouchy overcoats, boxy puffer jackets, and long winter coats will all be trendy as we go towards winter. Oversized belted overcoats, in particular, are deserving of special consideration.

This trend has a lot to recommend it because it emphasizes one of the best aspects of winter menswear: the ability to layer. Oversized outerwear gives you a lot of freedom with your underwear, allowing you to play around with textures and tones to create a lot of depth.



The return of fleece is indicative of the overall trend in menswear toward outdoor-inspired clothing. For several seasons, thick-pile vintage fleeces have been popular as independent outerwear, and designers are continuing to incorporate the fabric into their autumn/winter lines.

This is a trend that works best in modest quantities. To avoid going full sheep, limit yourself to one fleece garment per outfit and mix and match it with other textured fabrics to offer additional tactile depth to your cold-weather ensembles.

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Leather will be a trend year after year because to its fantastic appearance, toughness, and timeless appeal. A high-quality bomber jacket made of the material is likely to be one of the best stylish choices you’ll ever make. It will not be inexpensive, but it will last a lifetime. This coming winter is the perfect moment to add one to your collection if you haven’t already.
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Textured Tailoring

When the winter weather arrives, forget the smooth fabrics and watch your tailored styles take flight. Tweed, wool, corduroy, and twill are just a few of the materials that may help you up your stylish game by adding character and establishing areas of focus to any outfit.

Keep in mind that it will never look as sharp as classic tailoring, so save it for casual occasions like parties, dates, and weddings.

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Commando-soled Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot has long been regarded as one of the most stylish, slim, and low-profile boot styles available. This is fine in warm weather, when we are confronted with ice and severe rain, they become impractical.

The Chelsea boot with a commando sole. Thick, rough soles have become popular in men’s footwear, but nowhere are they more appropriate than here. Finally, this timeless silhouette is completely prepared to face the elements. Not to mention that the extra chunkiness expands your clothing possibilities, letting you to experiment with looser fits and heavy layering.


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