Mistress of All Colors! 7 Cutest Dress Outfits by Laura Rutledge

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Laura Rutledge is a dynamic sports journalist who has made headlines with her great skills in TV shows. In addition to her talent, she has also attracted people with her styles that have made her personality remain standard as she also has amazing dresses that have made many fans go gaga about it.  In this blog, I will take you through some of the cute dresses that have made her more famous as she continues to be special about it.


1. The Radiant in Red

Laura Rutledge stunned in her radiant red dress that made her look very unique at the event where she commanded all the attention towards her side hence making herself look very special as she also created a look that is both elegant and playful. The bold color is accentuated with great confidence and she makes a strong standing outfit.


2. The Pretty in Pink

Rutledge is stunning in her feminine side where she has shown up with a beautiful pink dress that has made her successful in her career as a style icon where she has impressed many in the fashion industry. The look also adds a touch of whimsy that makes her look to be adorable.

3. The Elegant in Emerald

Laura Rutledge shows up with a stunning emerald green dress that highlights her look that was termed to be sophisticated as it impressed many at the event hence making her to be seen as a role model as she inspired many to go for the same look. The look also displayed a timeless beauty and grace hence making her design to be very unique.

Laura Rutledge little black dress, hot dress

4. The  Sunshine Yellow Delight

Laura Rutledge shines with a sunshine yellow delight that makes her special as chose an attractive color that commands much attention towards her side. Laura Rutledge reflects with her great personality that shows out her playful design that makes her ideal for summer gatherings hence making her a refreshing burst of color and joy.

5. The Bold in Blue

Laura stuns in a bold blue dress that shows her chic features and attracts many fans’ attention towards her side where the dress hugged her curves as it made her look very unique from the rest. It proves that she has made a perfect choice of dress which also proves her confidence that showed in her striking ensemble.

Laura Rutledge sexy dress, hot, red carpet

6. The Gorgeous in Green

Laura Rutledge shows up with a gorgeous green dress that makes her look charming with a playful polka dot pattern that adds to her vintage charm attracting many fans towards her hence making her modern and stylish. The outfit was perfect as it left many audience in awe.

7. The Chic in Coral

Laura Rutledge wows the audience with her unique and trendy high-low hemline that makes her different from the rest. The gown was perfect as it was unique and had an incredible design that made many states that the look was fashionable as it had different styles in it.





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